Mentor Topics Schedule

2022 Mentor Topics and Dates

These are the planned mentor topics and dates for sessions.  These are all subject to adjustment so please check back for the latest news.  Subscribe to the list via email at [email protected]

mentor topics

These sessions are typically around an hour and a half and are recorded.  When you sign up you can get free access to past presentations.  We welcome questions and discussion at the end of each presentation so join us ready to participate.  That is one of the best ways to learn and become a better developer.

First Quarter

January 8th – Starting The Year Right

January 22nd – DB Testing and Automation

February 5th – Rest-Assured

February 19th – DevOps and Software Development

March 5th – Karate (Software not the martial art 🙂 )

March 19th – No Meeting

Second Quarter

April 9th – Creating Your Own Patterns and Anti-Patterns

April 23rd – Fighting Fires

May 7th – Producing Content: Podcast, Youtube, etc. A How-to

May 21st –

June 4th – TBD

June 18th – Mid-Year Review and Planning


Some of these sessions are best done with hands-on lab work followed while others are pure theory.  However, all of them are worth taking notes and follow-up either through questions during the presentation or via email after the fact.  We also post the slide decks in PDF form shortly (days or weeks) after a presentation has been completed.  Likewise, you can search this site for follow-up presentations, articles, and podcast episodes.