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Solving The Problem For a Simple Case – Implementation Steps

We built a foundation for our application in the last episode.  Now, we move into solving the problem that our customers will pay for.  This step is just putting our plan on the computer and handling a single case.  Our actions should be defined in our specification to the point that this is relatively easy. Document As You Go A way to approach this step is to start with comments, move to text/hard-coded output, and then to plug in the computations. ... Read more

develpreneur podcast

Setting Your Development Pricing

A challenge that we all face in our service offering is setting the development pricing.  We know what our salary is and what we would like to earn.  However, we also want to be fair in our pricing to both our customers and ourselves.  In this episode, we look at the factors to consider in setting your rate as well as fixed bid factors. Rule Of Thumb For Rate It helps to start with a baseline.  That is easy math.  Take your salary... Read more


Passive Income Through Micro-Investing

We often discuss passive income from our side hustle projects such as services and product creation.  A quick and easy way to start on this path is through micro-investing.  That is the method of investing your money in small amounts through some means that are highly familiar to us.  These include stocks, real estate, lending, and even venture capital. A Variety of Platforms The number of platforms and the power they provide is surprising.  Even large investments like real estate... Read more

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Improving Development Skills By Learning From a Team

They say that no man is an island.  This statement is as true in software development as it is anywhere else.  Learning from a team is an integral part of becoming better as developers.  We may prefer isolation and time alone pursuing our career, but that is not the best approach.  Countless others have gone before us, and these people provide us with invaluable resources for becoming more productive.  In fact, we do not even need to go to those... Read more

develpreneur podcast

Implementation First Steps – Creating Your Product

In this episode, we get started on the implementation phase of our software product.  We have a reasonably robust design documented from the tasks of the prior episodes.  Thus, this should be an easy and natural next step.  Your product vision at this point is solid and thought through. Start Simple These first steps of implementation will be used to create our foundation and development environment.  Once this is complete, we will be ready to crank out some code and focus on our application. ... Read more

develpreneur podcast

Creating Our Test Scripts and Planning for Quality

Testing is an integral part of software development.  It is critical for producing quality and an essential habit to develop early in your career.  We will look at building test considerations into our product development process from the very beginning.  This is an excellent way to keep the cost of fixing bugs down as we will catch them early in the process when they are easier to correct. Validating Data Garbage in, garbage out is something that rises to the... Read more