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Web Tracking and Visitor Recording Tools

A few years ago I stumbled across the ideas of heatmaps and recording for websites.  This is one of the most potent user experience improvement tools available.  The ability for visitor recording alone brings the task of watching a room full of users to your fingertips. Visitor Recording If you have not experienced this sort of tool, it is a game-changer.  The way visitor recording works with these tools is that you place a javascript snippet on your web page.  That... Read more

develpreneur podcast

Software Patterns – Factory Method

We continue our exploration of the creation patterns with a look at the Factory Method.  This is a pattern where we see that instantiation is sometimes better when deferred.  We do not always know all we need to at instantiation time.  Thus, we need a pattern to address holding off on that step until we have the required information. The Factory Method Defined It helps to start with the “Gang of Four” definition and then we will dig into that. Define an interface... Read more


Launching a Side-Hustle

When we think about a side-hustle it does not seem like the concept of the launch comes to mind.  This is underestimating the work that should go into such an effort.  A side-hustle is not just more work.  Effort alone does not get you there.  Instead, you are building something through your sweat-equity. A Starting Point One of the essential steps in a side-hustle is creating a starting line.  You are planning on putting effort into this enterprise so you should determine when that... Read more

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Keeping Up With Technological Advances

We all know that technology moves fast.  That makes it a full-time job just to keep up with the latest technological advances.  Fortunately, there are many ways for us to make keeping up a part of the normal routine.  These avenues are easy to utilize and are an excellent way to save yourself time. Trade Magazines and Blog Sites I have mentioned these before.  However, you can get a wealth of information by perusing magazines, blogs, and podcasts.  The best... Read more

develpreneur podcast

The Amazon Migration Services

In this episode, we look at the migration group of services.  We have already discussed a few of these and will focus on the ones that are new to us.  These services are the Migration Hub, Application Discovery,  and the Application Migration Service. We looked at the database migration service and the “snow” family of services in prior episodes.  These make it easy to move a database to the cloud or large amounts of data.  The “snow” (ball, edge, mobile) services... Read more

develpreneur podcast

Code Review and Analysis Tools (Free and Low-Cost)

There have been a lot of excellent free and low-cost reviewed already.  However, this week we continue our “shopping” with a look at code review and analysis applications.  This used to be an area where all of the solutions were pricey.  Fortunately, SAAS options, improved automation, and well-defined best practices (with a touch of open source) have made these affordable.  Yes, even the individual developer can find affordable options. Keep It Cheap There are a lot of great tools available in this area that... Read more