What is a Develpreneur

The Develpreneur site focuses on building better developers.  It may seem obvious that the name comes from a mashup of developer and entrepreneur.  Thus, it is logical to ask how that mashup is related to building better developers.  Before we go very far, I think it is essential to address that question. The Power Of Entrepreneurship The label “entrepreneur” is almost a meaningless buzzword in the modern world.  It is thrown around a lot like a path to a life... Read more

Problem-Solving With Friends and Associates (or Google)

One of the reasons for an enjoying an IT career is problem-solving.  We get to face a challenge of varying levels every day.  That can lead to us spending more time working on a problem than we need to.  Thus, we need to keep in mind schedules and resources we have to meet our deadlines. Problem-Solving as a Team Sport There is a reason we find many developer offices set up in a way that lends itself to interaction.  Yes,... Read more

Continuing Education – Learning More Every Day

We live in the technology age.  Also known as the information age.  Thus, we have more and easier ways to educate ourselves each day.  As Apple says, “there is an app for that.”  However, we need to be intentional in our approach to continuing education.  Moderation is best and a roadmap will help us reach our goals. Continuing Education Via the Internet A core strength of the Internet is the delivery of news all the time.  Not only that, the news... Read more

Further Your Career Through a Higher Degree

A higher degree in my mind is anything beyond a high school diploma.  These days, that diploma is almost always a minimum requirement for a technology job.  There are just too many applicants that have that and more. A Higher Degree Sets a Baseline A degree is a great way to raise the ceiling for your career, but it also is a way to lift the floor.  In fact, a college degree can be a path to avoiding some steps of... Read more

better developers

Why We Need Better Developers

The mission of Develpreneur is to build better developers.  This statement begs the question “why do we need them?”  When you look at technology, the tools to create applications get more powerful every year.  Each step along the way abstracts developers more from bare metal code.  All of the details of coding are being swept away by powerful frameworks.  In the light of these advances, there should be less need for better developers.  In fact, lesser developers should be our focus.... Read more

Certifications and Improving Your Value

Experience is the number one asset you can bring to your job.  A close second is a degree and certifications.  There are situations where a decision is required between a degree (or higher degree) or technical certification.  It turns out that certifications are often a better deal and a quicker payoff than that advanced degree. Certifications Require Time and Money The value of a certificate in any technology is that it shows a minimum level of knowledge.  Much like a degree, this... Read more