apache ant

Apache Ant – A Crash Course

The Apache project has a large number of highly useful and popular projects.  These range from platforms to languages to tools and utilities.  In this tutorial, we take a look at Apache Ant.  This scripting language and its library of tasks are far more powerful than you might expect. A Focus on Software Development Apache Ant is best used as a build and deployment tool.  As such, the core tasks include the type of actions you expect for this phase of development. ... Read more

amazon guard duty

Amazon Guard Duty: Threat Detection for the Cloud

As we have progressed through the tour of AWS services and tools we have seen reasons to expand our cloud presence.  This can be a security concern, but they also provide some excellent security tools.  That brings us to Amazon Guard Duty.  This service offers threat detection for your services, connections, and data. Amazon Guard Duty: Quick and Easy Monitoring Anyone who has tried to set up monitoring and threat detection knows that it usually requires some installation and a... Read more

develpreneur podcast

Creating and Pursing Your Career Roadmap

Just like software, your professional development will go better with a solid plan.  In this episode, we look at how to create a career roadmap and advance along the path.  Every individual has their likes, desires, and needs for their professional development.  We start with general technologies and platforms then proceed to look at some specifics and keeping your roadmap in mind. Creating the Career Roadmap The key to a good career roadmap is to cover areas of development in... Read more

develpreneur podcast

Simplify Your Way To Happiness

Life is busy and hectic.  Our modern lives include not only a potentially overwhelming amount of responsibilities but copious amounts of “stuff.”  Thus, sometimes the burden of daily life causes stress and extra work.  An excellent answer to this struggle is to simplify things wherever possible.  When you have less to worry about there will be more free time and focus becomes almost automatic. Digital Simplification The flurry of apps, devices, and content subscriptions available to us make it easy to suffer from... Read more

develpreneur podcast

Mastering The Interview From Either Side of The Table

The interview process is a part of every facet of a business.  This is no less a part of IT and technology-related jobs.  In fact, the mobility of technology jobs and prevalence of short-term or part-time positions make mastering the interview critical for your career.  In this episode, we cover some great ways to approach an interview.  These will help whether you are looking for a new team member or a new position. An Interview is Selling IT workers rarely... Read more