building your skills

Three Easy Steps Toward Building Your Skills

Practice Makes Perfect The best part about the foundational items of programming is that they cannot be avoided.  Every day you code you will get more comfortable with many, if not all, of the items listed.  Over the years you will write thousands of loops, create millions of variables and use all sorts of methods to read and write to files.  The only worry in dealing with these foundational skills is automation.  An automated solution is not going to be... Read more

Make The Most of Search Engines

We all like to work through the problems we have been presented.  However, this is not the fastest way to a solution.  When we are in an office, we can pester our co-workers.  On the other hand, we can always use search engines to pester the entire Internet instead. Search Engines Require Thoughtful Questions The first thing to know about search engines is how to properly ask a question.  Although most of them will handle standard English sentences that approach will not... Read more

Eating the Frog and Reducing Stress

Eating the Frog is a term that may be new to you.  Simply put, this is the idea of getting the things done that you want to do the least.  It is a popular way to improve productivity and get things done.  However, it is also a practice that can help with reducing stress and increasing happiness.  In this episode, we look at how doing what you dislike is a key to happiness. Removing Obstacles is Key To Reducing Stress... Read more

Getting The Most From Mastermind Program

In this episode, we take the risk of self-promotion and look at the elements of a good mastermind program.  We put our money where our mouth is in this respect.  The program we recommend happens to look a lot like ours.  However, this episode is more than an advertisement.  We lay out some features that you can add to yours or look for when selecting one. Accountability is Key To a Mastermind Program I have found that the greatest value... Read more

building your skills

Building And Reinforcing Your Foundational Skills

In the course of a technical career, there is a need to first build a solid foundation of skills and then extend that.  Unfortunately, it is essential to return to those foundational skills from time to time as well.  It is not that a good foundation is forgotten as much as this allows one to adapt to a new technology. As with most things in life, the first time is the hardest.  Building a solid foundation takes years of study, work,... Read more

Native Vs Mobile Friendly Applications

In case you have not noticed, mobile applications are all the rage.  In fact, the very definition of mobile is constantly evolving as well.  The apps that were aimed at tablets and phones now include those aimed at more devices.  These include devices like Google home and Amazon Alexa as well as general IOT devices.  This flood of platforms makes the native vs. mobile approach to building applications a key consideration. Native vs. Mobile Friendly Can Be Simple The choice... Read more