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Cloud Storage Tools – Free and Low-Cost

Cloud storage is one of the most game-changing products in recent decades.  We have seen the cost of storage drop on a regular basis, and these tools are amazingly affordable.  These applications combine with high-speed connections to make it almost invisible to store data on the cloud instead of your device. Many Cloud Storage Options The product landscape for these tools is full of players.  However, a few have distinguished themselves from the pack.  Nevertheless, we have found a more extensive... Read more

develpreneur podcast

Software Design – The Facade Pattern

In this episode, we look at the facade pattern.  This is one we have likely run into when we have dealt with complex systems.  In general, a facade pattern is an interface that summarizes a group of interfaces or objects in a functional group.  Without further ado, let’s take a look at this simplifying pattern. The Facade Pattern Defined As always, we will start with the “Gang of Four” intent to set the stage for our discussion. “Provide a unified interface to... Read more

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform: Using the platform

Since we have been talking so much about AWS, I thought it was time to switch gears and look at another popular cloud-based service provider Google. In part 1 of our video on the Introduction to Google Cloud, we cover an overview of the entire Google Cloud Platform. Including how to set up an account, the different levels of pricing, and point out some comparisons and differences between Google’s platform vs AWS. Other Topics covered in Understanding and using the Google Cloud Platform What is Google... Read more

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AWS Management Tools

The AWS Management Tools are an excellent way to set up, configure, and monitor a cloud infrastructure.  Many of these are free or have low fees that make them a no-brainer when considering whether to utilize them.  There are several services in this group so let’s take each in turn. CloudWatch Monitor your Amazon AWS resources with this service.  You can select metrics and alarms related to variances in those values.  The free tier allows for a few alerts and... Read more

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Integrated Development Environment Tools (IDE) – Free and Low Cost

One of the most significant choices a developer makes is the integrated development environment (IDE) they use.  Nevertheless, there are new options that become available each year and niche solutions that may improve productivity.  It never hurts to review what is out there and avoid getting in a rut. Eclipse The odds are that this will look familiar, even if you have not used it.  Eclipse is the basis for a large number of IDE’s due to its flexibility... Read more

develpreneur podcast

Software Design – The Decorator Pattern

The Decorator Pattern is not only a common one, but it is also one of the best ways to embrace object-oriented design.  This approach is a form of “helper,” and the idea of a decoration fits it perfectly.  It is an addition to a class without being a part of the class.  Let’s look at this useful pattern. The Decorator Pattern Defined As always, we will start with the “Gang of Four” intent to set the stage for our discussion. “Attach additional... Read more