amazon marketplace

Amazon Marketplace – A Source for Your System Needs

This stop in our AWS tour is at the Amazon Marketplace.  This site is not so much a service as a source for solutions.  Just as the name implies, this is a marketplace for AWS solutions. Why Bother With Amazon Marketplace? Your first question is likely to be, “why do we need this?”  That makes sense when you look at all AWS has to offer.  However, when you look at all that is offered, you may be overwhelmed.  Also, you know... Read more

heatmap tools

Using Heatmap Tools To Improve Conversions

As the importance of websites increases, we see tools to help measure their impact.  One example (of many) is the availability of heatmap tools.  These reports are easy to use due to their visual nature, but let’s dig into what we should be seeking. Heatmap Defined First, it helps to be clear on what a heat map is.  Heatmap tools track clicks on a web page.  Every click and where it occurs is tracked.  This can be for every user or... Read more

database design

Database Design – Building the Heart of Your Application

Database design is an essential part of building most software applications.  Proper implementation can impact speed, usability, and reduce user frustration.  In this video tutorial, we look at some steps and guidelines to build your database and avoid design errors. Getting on the Same Page We start this presentation with an overview of databases.  This step helps get us on the same page as far as terminology and the features of a well-designed database.  Although this is not new to many... Read more

api gateway

API Gateway – Amazon’s Service for Connecting Your Systems

Many of our modern software solutions include pieces distributed across servers and various devices.  This approach requires a maintainable way to transfer data.  Luckily, an API is a perfect solution.  When you build a good API, the solution can expand opportunities for solving new problems or provide better features.  However, an API is not always easy to implement.  That is where the AWS API Gateway comes in handy. The API Gateway is Flexible This service is a front end to any API... Read more

target market

Keywords and Finding Your Target Market

We have looked at some tools to assist in researching keywords for your target market.  However, there are also some general rules to follow when you start down this path.  Selecting keywords is not quite a science, but these steps can help avoid keyword writer’s block. Start with Foundational Ideas A goal of effective keyword selection is finding niches.  Of course, you can’t find a niche without making some scope reduction.  Thus, we can start with some broad terms that... Read more

keyword tools

Five KeyWord Tools For Researching Your Market and Competition

An Internet business needs to work with keyword tools.  This fact has become a lifeblood of traffic and thus, sales for many companies.  These five are great places to start building your knowledge of your site and your competition. SpyFu Link: This tool provides free insight into your competition.  Who is your competition?  Well, if you do not know that then your chances of success are slim.  The site also provides a useful keyword research tool for free.  The paid version... Read more


AWS IOT – Managing All of Those Devices

It is hard to separate Cloud services from IoT (Internet of Things), and Amazon is no exception.  Their IoT service on AWS is part of a series of tools for managing all of those devices in the Cloud.  To stay clear, we will look at the IoT service (AWS IOT) in this article as opposed to the larger IOT group of tools that includes other services like Green Grass and the Dash Button. Internet of Things in a Nutshell It... Read more

winning your first it project

Amazon IAM – Securing Your Cloud

We probably should have started our AWS tour with the Identity and Access Management service (IAM).  This stop on our tour is one of the most pervasive of the AWS services.  It is also one of the most important. Security First Once you have spent any time in the AWS environment, the focus on security becomes apparent.  Likewise, you have run into IAM at some point if you have used any of the services we have covered in the past.... Read more