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Plan For Disruptions – Getting Started With Consulting

One of the hardest parts of building a consulting career is the disruptions that always occur.  This is a path that often follows the feast or famine roller coaster.  Therefore we bounce between too much work to keep up and not enough to pay the bills.  There are ways to soften the blow of these disruptions as well as those that are larger such as health or family issues.  These more substantial disruptions can knock you off of your career path... Read more

That Final Push – Getting Started On Consulting

As we look at how and when to start a consulting business (or project), it helps to consider timing.  Sometimes you can select when to start, and other times the decision is made for you.  In this episode, we look at that final push to get started on your consulting career. Circumstances Often Give That Final Push There is plenty of stories about people that were fired or laid off and forced into consulting.  The safety of a day job... Read more

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A How To For Lucky Orange and Site Recording

When I think about the tools we use, few are more impressive than Lucky Orange.  The idea of site recording makes sense to me, but it is still a sort of magical technology.  This particular type of tool is one that I think everyone should use whether they have a small, niche site, or serve millions of visitors.  If you are intrigued, then this post will be worth your time, and we will review all the features Lucky Orange has... Read more

develpreneur podcast

Getting Started – Preparing for Consulting

This season is focusing on lessons learned from a consulting career.  A lot of the content can be found in the Develpreneur book.  However, we will go a little deeper into getting that side hustle going.  This episode kicks off the season by looking at some things to do in preparing for consulting or at least taking control of your career. Preparing for Consulting or Your Career It turns out that a lot of the work you need to do... Read more

develpreneur podcast

Season 7 and Beyond: Advancing Your Career

This is a perfect time for us to look ahead at season seven and beyond.  We will continue providing content for advancing your career starting with a deep dive into the book.  Each chapter will get a few episodes and will be expanded upon with those.  This season will be a cross between an audio version of the book (abridged of course) and an addendum to it. More To Come For Advancing Your Career As we look ahead to the... Read more

develpreneur podcast

The Mentor and Mastermind Group – Bringing Accountability to Your Goals

We have run a weekly gathering for the last few years that is called our mentor and mastermind group.  This is a resource we rarely push.  However, it is an invaluable tool for anyone that wants a little help or a nudge to keep them moving forward in their career.  If nothing else, this is a great way to hear about the experiences of others in the industry. Changes to the Mentor Program The big non-change going into 2019 is... Read more