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Master Remote Work Through Preparation and Planning

The Gig economy has many facets.  One of the big positives for many people is the option of remote work.  There is a freedom that comes from being able to get away from a desk and an office outside of the home.  This goal is achievable.  However, some planning is required to be productive while working remote and making this your regular routine. A Good Workspace We have discussed your workspace in a recent episode and touched on a home office. ... Read more

develpreneur podcast

Defining An MVP Properly for Your Goals

When you need to create a minimum viable product (MVP) the process is not that different from designing any other product.  However, the process is more challenging.  The process requires tighter control over the scope of requirements through to deployment.  This type of product is becoming a standard way to step towards funding and is worth closer examination. Why Create An MVP? As with any software product, the decision to create an MVP needs to be made.  Thus, we need... Read more

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Plan and Estimate Your Project Better With Software Components

One of the challenges of building software applications is the planning and estimation required to get started.  This can be a daunting task as we see more complex software every year.  However, we can learn from experience and build a list of components that we know will be required.  This list provides us some everyday tasks to be completed for software as well as easy chunks of work to estimate. Logical Software Components There are software components that are a feature... Read more

fund your learning

Fund Your Learning and Efforts To Become a Better Developer

By this point, you have likely said to yourself, “This is all good, but how do I afford it?”  The good news is that you are in an excellent position to get paid while you advance your knowledge and career.  In fact, learning new tools while building real-world experience is a common trait among the best developers I have met.  We will explore the details of how to fund your learning in more depth in future posts.  For now, let’s just... Read more

develpreneur podcast

Development Language Certifications and Other Tech Certs

We have looked at certifications before.  However, now we go a little deeper in our final part of the development languages overview.  The bulk of this episode focuses on development language certifications, and then we go back and look at some related to databases and other tech areas. Development Language Certifications as a Learning Method The best part about working on certifications is the experience and know-how they bring.  A certification test is going to be wide-ranging in topics it... Read more

develpreneur podcast

Use The Value of Steady Improvement to Achieve Big Goals

Slow and steady wins the race.  This is a fact of life we are taught in grade school.  Unfortunately, it is one that is easy to forget.  Some goals and objectives seem too big for us to achieve them.  However, we can use the approach of steady improvement to reach heights that seem unobtainable. Steady Improvement and Momentum The concept of momentum is one of the most important ones that come from steady improvement.  Once we start to do even... Read more