Personal Project Managment

Personal Project Management – Small Scale, Big Value

I have met more than a few developers that see project management as an unnecessary overhead for software development.  On the one hand, I have experiences where PM was done wrong and slowed down progress.  However, I have also seen where it can be a critical factor in the success of a solution.  That leaves us to consider where personal project management can bring value to or small or side projects. Finding A Balance We need to look at personal... Read more

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Project Deliverables, Quality, Guidelines and Best Practices

Sooner or later, every developer is asked for project deliverables.  This may be source code, binary files, or full-blown documents.  No matter which of these is required, the best approach is to make sure these are complete.  Thus, let’s look at some guidelines, suggestions, and best practices to help you nail this part of your job. Follow The Instructions First and foremost, follow directions.  We should have learned this in grade school.  Just as in those educational exercises, project deliverables should... Read more

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Communicating Progress and Status – Consulting Tips

No matter how good you are at your job, sooner or later communicating status will be required.  A helpful hint is to avoid waiting until this becomes a requirement.  Instead, get in the habit of regularly reporting your progress and status to your boss.  Since this is a regular task, you should find the proper balance between keeping it short and providing enough detail. A Weekly Status Template First and foremost, try to keep your status report to a single page.... Read more

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Your Code Repository and Ownership of Source – Consulting Tips

A software consultant brings intellectual tools with them as well as applications.  This capital comes in the form of experience and also the more concrete source code.  That includes anything you take advantage of in your personal code repository.  Although we typically are not fans of legal issues, we do need to spend the time reviewing contracts and ownership rights before we jump into that project or use our library. Using Your Code Repository There are two issues to understand when... Read more

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Developer Tools and Licenses as a Consultant (or Employee)

One of the common aspects of consulting that is missed is clarity about developer tools and licenses.  In particular, this obstacle is natural to overlook when you are used to being an employee.  The challenge is not just being able to access the tools; you also have to navigate what can be used for your customers.  Even more, there are applications you can use for your projects, but they are not licensed for your customers. Get Legal Developer Tools and... Read more

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Consulting Project Enhancements and Follow-Ups

The completion of a project is not necessarily the end of a customer relationship.  To the contrary, consulting project enhancements are a common way to keep that relationship alive.  When that fails, a follow-up project also has a higher likelihood of being won than a new one.  Take advantage of these options to keep your business thriving. Consulting Project Enhancements The first path to review is pitching enhancements.  These are almost a slam dunk if you take good notes during the project... Read more