Learning Development Languages

The primary communication method and tool of a developer is code.  There are hundreds of such languages in use.  Thus, learning development languages is an essential part of a development career.  No matter when you started developing there were languages that existed, and new ones pop up each year.  This situation only gets more complicated when you consider frameworks and libraries for many of these platforms. Learning Development Languages is Never Ending A true developer is always going to be pushed to... Read more

New Year Planning

Strategies for Your New Year Planning

As we end a year, it is an excellent time to look back and ahead.  This retrospective time should translate into New Year Planning and setting goals.  The challenge in this activity is setting goals that are meaningful and aggressive enough to grow on where we are today.  Although this is sort of art based on experience, there are also guidelines we can follow to help us in our planning. New Year Planning for Growth First and foremost we should... Read more

Focus is the Key To Success (and Maybe Happiness)

We live in a world full of distractions.  That fact does not go away just because we have a goal or focus.  In fact, those little distractions can be harder to identify when they are in line with our primary goal.  These are the small time wasters and productivity thieves that hide as helpers. Focus Must Be Guarded Any entrepreneur lives with a steady stream of new ideas.  However, too many of us underestimate our natural creative state.  In fact,... Read more

Build Your Customer Base

Whether you are just getting started or your business is decades old, customers are critical to success.  In fact, without your customer base, there is no business.  So let’s look at some ways to build loyalty and grow your core of customers. A Strong Customer Base When we look at a customer base, we look beyond the numbers.  A core of 100 purchasers of your product is better when they are loyal customers and not one-time buyers.  Thus, we have to... Read more

cloud formation

Cloud Formation – Script Your AWS Solution

Our tour of Amazon Web services has taken us through some offerings.  When you consider maintaining and reproducing these for your environment, it can seem overwhelming.  However, the wizards at AWS have already thought of this and created Cloud Formation Cloud Formation: Wizards and Scripting This free service allows you to use JSON or YAML to script out your resources and environment.  It may seem daunting and over-technical at first, but it is easy to use.  There is support for... Read more

An Introduction to AWS and the Free Tier

Any good developer has to start with an environment for their work.  These requirements can be an expensive obstacle to overcome.  However, Amazon has made their extensive network and resources available to all of us.  There is a cost, of course, but it is easy to scale.  They even have a free tier of services. Your Personal Data Center The suite of services provided by Amazon called Amazon Web Services is often called AWS.  These offerings cover dozens of needs... Read more