Loving Your Job or a Workaholic?

I should reiterate before I go into this topic that I am not a doctor.  I also did not spend last night in a Holiday Inn Express.  The next few paragraphs are not an informed medical opinion.  Instead, they are my views on loving your work and being a workaholic.  There is a difference between these two attitudes.  It is one you need to understand in case you need some help. The Workaholic First, there is a distinct difference between doing... Read more

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AWS Customer Engagement Tools

You may think of Amazon web services as all technology-focused.  That is not the case.  There are plenty of offerings to help you run your business.  In this episode, we look at a perfect example of these business services via the AWS Customer Engagement Tools grouping.  There are only a few services in this group, but they are extremely powerful and useful. Simple Email Service This is different from WorkMail.  That service provides a server for managing your email accounts and directing... Read more

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Software Ticketing Systems – Free and Low-Cost

Bug tracking and software ticketing systems are used in every shop I have ever worked with.  Some of these are decidedly low-tech solutions that are no more than a spreadsheet.  Some of these solutions can help you do far more than just track issues.  They can even help you raise the overall quality of your processes. Ticketing Systems Are Almost a Commodity Bug tracking and ticketing systems are ubiquitous.  A lot of companies have even built custom solutions for their internal... Read more

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Software Design – The Adapter Pattern

The Adapter Pattern is one of the easiest to understand and relate to the real world.  We see adapters used every day and they have become a critical factor in our daily success.  Almost every device we have utilizes an adapter in some way. The Adapter Pattern Defined As always, we will start with the “Gang of Four” definition to set the stage for our discussion. “Ensure a class only has one instance, and provide a global point of access to it.” There... Read more

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Why Bother With Automated Testing?

I recently saw an article that questioned whether automated testing was a good investment.  They essentially laid out an argument that automated testing tools are too expensive, too fragile, and never give a worthwhile ROI.  I am not a tester or QA specialist.  Nevertheless, this seemed a gross assumption to make.  I have worked with testing automation projects of various sorts and found a huge benefit from them at times.  There are some excellent points made in the article.  However,... Read more

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AWS Business and Productivity Tools

This episode tackles the AWS business and productivity tools group of services.  It includes Chime, Alexa for business, WorkMail, WorkDocs, and we add a quick look at WorkSpaces.  These combine to provide a set of solutions for small to large companies that are not focused on tech workers.  These services are aimed at handling everyday business needs like document storage and sharing, communication, and your workspace/desktop. WorkDocs This service is Amazon’s answer to products like DropBox and Microsoft’s OneDrive.  It does not... Read more