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What is Develpreneur?

We are a site for those that want to learn more about IT and how to be successful.  We have spent decades in the IT world developing solutions for companies, big and small.  During this time, we have worked with some great and not-so-great developers along the way.  As a result, this experience has taught us that there are some common traits among all those great developers.  These are also the traits of an entrepreneur.  Thus, Develpreneur was born.  The obvious differentiators are drive and desire.  However, sometimes training alone makes all the difference.  We are here to offer motivation, content, and a community.

Your best bet to get right into learning is our free and paid courses at https://school.develpreneur.com. We have spent time organizing our volumes of content into bite-sized courses and larger classes that you can use to improve how you leverage technology for your business or career.

But I Am Not A Coder

Today, technology is a critical component of business success. Companies that leverage technology not only gain an advantage in their space but also become more efficient and effective. When strategic technology decisions are made with an eye toward the bigger picture, businesses can become data-driven warriors that grow revenue, improve customer experience and increase profitability.


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Invest in your business and get a leg up on the competition! Our classes are designed to help you increase productivity, boost your business strategy and drive more leads. Don’t waste time trying to figure it all out on your own. You don’t need to be an experienced developer or entrepreneur to learn from our simple yet powerful curriculum.  Investing in yourself will have long-lasting effects that can pay off for years!

Visitors like yourself are asked to make themselves welcome here by checking out our podcast, YouTube channel, tech notes, and latest articles. Students can take our courses and classes to become better developers, but we do not limit the learning to students.  You made the trip here, so we want to make it worth your while.