RSS reader And Promoter

Person reading while sitting on RSS feed symbol

This is the home page for the RSS Reader and Promoter site. Our goal was to provide an easy way to read and share articles.  You can schedule posts for social media sites and easily keep up with all of the latest news.  While we have started a list of RSS feeds for your use, you can easily add any others to the list, and they will be shared with other users.  However, you will be able to keep track of which article you have read or shared.

A Repository of Articles

When we grab the articles for a feed, we store as much of the original content as possible.  Therefore, you can refer to posts made years ago and long after a site has ceased to exist.  The Internet can often feel like shifting sand.  One of our goals is to make it a little more firm and useful for discussions.

Users can share articles and add comments around the post (limited to the social site features) and see both the original content and their share comments.

Getting Started

It is (currently) free and easy to get started.  Just register an account on  Then click on the “Subscribe to New Feed” button on the home page.  You can add a new feed or select one that someone else has created.  You should see posts for a brand new feed appear within a day.  If not, please send an email to [email protected] so we can help get it live.  Please note that some feeds provide limited article information, so you may not get as much as others.

Once you have subscribed to feeds, click on the Articles menu item.  This will pull the most recent 100 unread articles matching your feed or across all subscribed feeds.  You can mark an item as read or click on the read article or post article buttons to shift it to read status.  We offer the full article content where possible.  You can click on view original to go to the original site link (if still available).

Post Targets

You can read articles almost immediately upon subscribing to feeds.  However, if you want to share them, you need to set up targets for those shares.  This is done on the post targets page.  A button labeled “Create A New Target” takes you to link to your social sites.  All you have to do to get started is pick a name for the target and select the social site.

An example would be to create a target for your personal Twitter feed.  You can label it “Personal Twitter” and then select Twitter as the “lkpTarget.”  Once you save a target, click on edit to Authorize the target.  That will take you through the site-specific steps to authorize RSS Reader to post to your feed or page.

Posting Articles

When you post an article, you can add content to your post.  This is entered in the description text field.  Sites vary support for this, so test it out for your chosen targets.  You can also add an image URL for sites that support that.  Currently, we have limited image support.  Select a target site you have configured (via Post Targets) and set a time to post it.  You can set up time slots for scheduled posts to ease your administration of regular content flow.

Once you post the item, it can be viewed via the Articles view activity filter or “My Schedule” menu item.  You can post and duplicate to quickly post to one target and then select a second target or time to post the article.

Scheduling Posts

We do not have to post an article right away.  We can set it to go out in the future.  This is done by selecting the desired date and time on the post screen.  You can streamline this process by going to the “Time Slots” page.  Here you enter a day, time, and target site to give yourself some pre-built time slots throughout the week.  These can be deleted if you want to change them around.  These will show up in the slots selector on the “post” page to speed data entry for upcoming posts and avoid doing date arithmetic in your head.

Unused Articles

Articles that have been marked read but never posted fall into the unused category.  You can always run back through these for more content.  Note that it pulls all articles, which can become a rather long list and take some time to retrieve.  However, you can read or post articles from here and catch up on things you may have found uninteresting in the past.

Feel free to check back here regularly for updates and a FAQ as we get feedback on the RSS Reader and Promoter.  You can also click on the contact form to send us ideas or bug reports.  Enjoy!