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Playing Your Professional Role as An Employee or Consultant – Career Intangibles

We all have seen situations in our career where we are asked to play a role.  The role is sometimes a broader one than we are used to.  However, we can also be asked to play a role that is only a piece of what we can provide.  In either case, we need to fulfill the desired role and add value without overstepping our boundaries.  Employees are often given more freedom in this area which can make a large challenge... Read more

develpreneur podcast

Best Practices For Travel and Related Expenses

A side hustle does not preclude travel.  Thus, sooner or later you will face the question of how to handle travel and related expenses.  You might not have to wait.  Your employer may send you away for your day job and you will be faced with the same challenges.  Where large companies often have highly detailed processes, procedures, and limits for travel, smaller ones often do not.  Therefore, we are left to use our common sense and set expectations. Common... Read more

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Performance Tuning Tips and Tricks for Any Code

One of the recurring tasks I see inside projects is performance tuning.  The focus is on a database or queries at times but more often is a code cleanup.  We can dig into someone else’s (or our own) code after it has gotten unusable.  However, we can also follow the best practices and make it easier on ourselves. Performance Tuning Loops The largest area of tuning opportunities is always going to be in the code that is repeated most often.... Read more

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Consulting Intangibles – Building Relationships

An excellent measure of long-term success is how much your customers like you.  Thus, building relationships are a critical part of your job.  You may have the skills to be able to stay busy without the “personal touch.”  However, life will be simpler when you create some advocates along the way. Building Relationships Organically Your primary focus should be solving problems.  When you do this, it is hard for people to not be positively biased towards you.  We have a... Read more

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Explicit and Implicit Project Deliverables

We have touched on the idea that there are explicit and implicit project deliverables in most cases.  These may be due to our customer simplifying a solution or general prerequisites and best practices.  Some common implicit project deliverables include documentation, test scripts, demonstrations and the like.  We need to take all of these into account for our estimates and risk calculation. A Complete List I have found that one of the most significant contributors to bad estimation in software is missing requirements.... Read more

develpreneur podcast

Deliverable Packaging and Creating a Customer Experience.

When we complete a project for a customer or employer, we give them a product.  Thus, there is a form of deliverable packaging that we need to consider for that hand-off.  This concept may be confusing, but it is not complicated.  You do not need to shrinkwrap a box with a USB drive in it or anything like that.  Instead, we are focused on documentation, scripts, and how you hand over the final product. The Simple Stuff When your deliverables... Read more