Embracing the Problem-Solving Mindset: From Coder to Developer

Welcome back to episode 2 of Season 22 of our podcast, where two developers discuss the journey from coder to developer. In this episode, we delve into the pivotal moments that transform a person from simply writing code to truly solving problems with technology. Problem-Solving: Journey from Coder to Developer Our host, Rob, begins by discussing an experience in high school where he participated in a programming competition. Initially, his team, comprising four coders, approached the competition by manually writing code and taking turns typing it into their single computer. Despite their best efforts, they only secured second place. This loss prompted them to rethink their strategy. The following year, they optimized their team by including a fast typist with... Read more

The Developer Journey

The Developer Journey: Welcome to Season 22

Hello, and welcome to Season 22 of our podcast! As we dive into this new season, we’re excited to embark on a journey that explores the path of becoming and evolving as developers. This season is dedicated to the developer journey, focusing on the steps and lessons contributing to building a better developer. Whether you’re just starting or looking to enhance your existing skills, this season has something for everyone. The Developer Journey This season is all about the various routes one can take to become a developer and the steps to improve continually. We’ll cover foundational skills, necessary certifications, and how to build a solid resume. Becoming a developer can start with a computer science degree, a coding boot... Read more

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Becoming Better Developers: A Retrospective on Season 21 of Our Developer Journey

In the final episode of season 21, the Developer podcast hosts Michael and Rob reflect on the lessons they’ve learned about becoming better developers over the past few months. Listen to Rob and Michael recap Season 21, Discussing Lessons Learned and Becoming Better Developers. Here are some of the key takeaways on Becoming Better Developers: Invest Time in Working ON Your Business, Not Just IN It One of Rob’s main realizations was that he spent too much time on client projects. He was not taking enough time to improve and market his consulting business. To address this, Rob instituted a weekly “business development” time. During this period, he would step away from client work and focus on branding, automation tools,... Read more

Document Management

Master Document Management: A Comprehensive Guide for Businesses

Effective document management is crucial for operational efficiency, productivity, and compliance in today’s fast-paced business landscape. Disorganized or mismanaged documents can lead to missed opportunities, errors, and significant inefficiencies that hinder your business growth. This comprehensive guide will explore expert strategies and practical tips to help you master document management and streamline your organization’s processes. Why Document Management Matters Proper document management ensures that you can quickly and easily access the information you need when you need it. A well-organized system can save time, reduce stress, and enhance business operations. Additionally, effective document management helps ensure compliance with relevant regulations and industry standards. Top Strategies for Effective Document Management Tools and Technologies for Effective Document Management Real-Life Examples and Common... Read more

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Organizing Business Documentation: A Critical Challenge for Entrepreneurs

In the latest podcast episode, we explored the crucial topic of organizing business documentation—a challenge every entrepreneur faces, particularly in the tech industry. As we approach the season’s end, we reflect on balancing working on your business and in your business. This episode delved into maintaining effective organization to ensure an efficient and productive workflow. The Perennial Struggle with Organizing Business Documentation One perennial struggle entrepreneurs face is balancing building their brand/business and performing paid work. This balancing act involving client-facing tasks and backend organizational work can be challenging. As we hit mid-year, it’s timely to reassess and reorganize, just as we do at the start of the year or during spring cleaning. Organizing Digital Spaces We discussed the importance... Read more

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Managing Hardware Resource Issues in Software Development

Welcome back to another episode of Building Better Developers, where we dive into essential aspects of software development. Today, we’re delving into “Managing Hardware Resource Issues in Software Development: Best Practices and Real-World Examples.” In this episode, we’ll explore the often-overlooked yet critical area of hardware resource challenges and their impact on software performance. From memory and storage constraints to processing limitations, we’ll navigate through common issues developers face and provide insights into effective debugging strategies and optimization techniques. Let’s embark on this journey to understand and address hardware resource issues in software development. Listen to Host Rob and Michael discuss how they Manage Hardware Resource Issues: The Intersection of Hardware Resource Issues and Software Development Debugging isn’t just about... Read more