No Meeting Week

Should Your Team Adopt No-Meeting Weeks?

This is a Great Article From Mountain Goat Software. No-meeting weeks are not a new concept. There are pros and cons to this approach. Thus it should not be adopted lightly. I read with interest about Google’s recent adoption of “No-Meeting Weeks.” Initiatives such as this have been proposed and used many times by many companies in the past. Google’s is in response to the increased fatigue many of us feel from the shift to all-remote work. As appealing as... Read more

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Side Hustle Ideas From Your Annual Review and Planning

Every year we find ourselves reviewing what was done and planning for the months ahead.  We do this as part of crafting New Year’s resolutions or to plan for our business.  When we have a side hustle that makes this time more valuable.  As an incentive for you to get your planning and review done, here are some side hustle ideas that can come from this investment. Seasonal Problems As Side Hustle Ideas Seasonal problems are some of the most... Read more

Project Lifecycle Software

Project Lifecycle Software – Finding The Best Approach For Your Solution

A good project lifecycle software program is a valuable asset to any business today. Even more so when trying to secure approval for any project they wish to undertake. However, when it comes to choosing the right kind of program, you need to look at the various models available. Then you have the data to evaluate which of these will best suit your requirements. Below we will take a close look at the various models. However, there are points to... Read more

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Find a Role or Job That Makes You Happy

Many things can be used to measure your success.  One of the most important of these is whether you can find a job that makes you happy.  That will allow you to live a life where you never work.  There is a job that you perform to pay the bills.  However, that is not a bad thing when you do what you love.  I believe that all of us have this magical job out there.  It may be romantic, like... Read more

Waterfall or Agile : Should I become PMP Certified or PMI-ACP Certified?

Are you wondering whether you should spend time studying for the PMP® Exam or concentrate on studying for the PMI-ACP® Exam? This is a question that many project managers ask themselves, especially with the increased popularity of Agile Project Management. To answer this question, you really need to look at the benefits of both.  Likewise, how these fit into your specific project management career goals. It may even come down to whether your future holds a waterfall or an agile... Read more

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Maintaining Momentum And Steady Progress

Holidays and vacations provide us with many benefits.  However, maintaining momentum can be difficult during these times.  There are more than the normal level of distractions, along with a need to relax at least a little.  Fortunately, we can take small steps and keep our forward progress without taking much away from our time off. A Pause Is Ok While this episode focuses on how to maintain momentum and habits, that is not a requirement.  We can afford to put... Read more