Launching an Internet Business

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Overall Result/Goal

Our Launching an Internet Business course will help each student build an online presence for a new or existing business. The business may be content, service or product-based. We will help them find a niche that fits them. They will have their own website for marketing purposes and a blog. The servers will have typical “professional” features like backups, a domain, an SSL certificate (for HTTPS/secure transactions), and more. All of this will be created by each student for their business.

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This is a four-week course aimed at getting each started on their business and building good habits. Each week is five days of fifteen-minute sessions. There is an hour on day six and day seven thAT is focused on thinking about the business. We find this approach to be easy to fit into any schedule and still take a step forward each day.

Each day the student will receive an e-mail with notes and a video demonstration of the topic. We aim to provide easy-to-follow examples to get the work done quickly and easily.

    Syllabus for Launching an Internet Business

    Pre-Requisite: Read the “Generating a Business Idea” article and list some potential business ideas. This allows us to start with each student possessing a starting point for their business. Students having trouble coming up with an idea (or have too many), please contact us at [email protected] for some consultation. We will discuss how to create business ideas out of your interests. There are also webinars occasionally that can help jumpstart the idea process.

    Here are the goals and milestones for each week. The first two weeks are free, and then we ask for you to support us to continue the next two weeks. We also offer a plan for continuing on to business success without our help.


    Week 1

    Start using Amazon AWS. Register and create your EC2 server.

    Configure a long-term IP address for your server.

    Connect to your server via Putty.

    Install your web server and database.

    Install WordPress and get it running.

    Week 2

    Register a domain.

    Create your first blog article and using Yoast plugin to help your writing.

    Learn how to administer your server and copy files back and forth.

    Configure Google Analytics for your site.

    Week 3

    Use Google Ads and affiliate links (monetize your site).

    Submit your site to Google and Bing.

    Promote your site through social network sites.

    How to advertise your site with Google Ad Words

    Week 4

    How to extend your site beyond blog posts.

    Learn to perform an SEO assessment of your site.

    Hot to use Grammarly for better copy.

    Schedule your posts via Buffer.

    Build a member list and send emails via mail chimp.

    What you will Build

    Our goal is to have something concrete for each student as they complete classes and courses. Too much of education today is spoon-feeding rather than building experience and skills. With that in mind, let’s look at what students will be building in this course:

    Class Outcome

    • Business concept: Students will create their own business. They will have a strong foundation and a focus that can lead to success.
    • A spot on the Internet: Students will set up and configure their own server for hosting the applications and services they build. This is theirs to keep and not just a site available to them during the class.
    • Successful habits: Once this course is completed, it should feel natural to continue the habit of regular work on the new business. This can include taking other courses, joining the mentoring program, or forging their own path.


    You can signup today by filling out the form below. You will receive a welcome email immediately.  Then you will receive daily emails of course content starting about twelve hours later. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].