About The Team…

Get to know more about the team behind Develpreneur.  See why their combined experiences have what it takes to help you become a developer, not just a coder.


Rob Broadhead: Co-Founder

Rob has over twenty-five years of coding and development experience.  Hence, he has experience in dozens of startups and small businesses.  He is also proficient in a few dozen programming languages and “a bit rusty” in a dozen or two more.  It all started with BASIC (not Visual Basic… BASIC) and Pascal.  Rob’s love of development has led him to spend the last three decades coding, leading, managing, mentoring, and architecting in environments of all shapes and sizes.

Rob spends most of his days working at RB Consulting, Inc, which he founded in 2001.  This side hustle has grown into his dream job of working from home.  He enjoys helping clients solve a wide range of problems.  As a result of his experience, he has seen a lot of teaching methods.   That exposure has given him a strong backing of our teaching through an application approach.  The skills and technology taught are focused on solving problems rather than learning syntax.  At its core, the focus includes teaching solid fundamentals and enough theory behind the solutions to give the students the ability to learn new skills.  From there, they are taught how to apply those skills in real-world situations.

Michael Meloche: Co-Founder

Michael’s life as a developer began with a Commodore Vic-20 computer over 34 years ago.  As a result, he has spent a great deal of time working with (and learning) different techniques and methodologies in software development.  His background covers many sectors from sales, education, healthcare, and e-commerce.  All of this while focusing primarily on finding the best software solution to fix the problem at hand.  He focused on solutions, regardless of the technology or programming language.  It all started with Basic, C, C++, and .Net.  Later his focus has been more on mobile and web-based languages like Java, PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Michael started Meloche Consulting was in early 2002, offering customers remote and onsite IT solutions and support.  Then in 2014, the business became incorporated.  As a result, the company now offers new services for software development, e-commerce, and mobile solutions.  Furthermore, in 1999 and 2014, he created a Java Bootcamp.  He uses this Bootcamp to teach fledgling developers how to become Java developers.

The two first met as part of a team working for the same company.  There was a string of successes during that time and they found they work well together.  They decided to team up again with Rob Broadhead in 2016, they combine their experience and skills to put together a different kind of learning experience.  Most of all, teaching what it takes to think critically, solve problems, come up with software solutions, and becoming developers, not just coders.