Mentoring and Mastermind Group


Our Weekly Gathering

Twice each month we have a virtual meeting (using Goto Meeting or Amazon Chime) that runs about one and a half hours.  This time is focused on building our mutual knowledge of how to become a better developer and developing our business skills.  It is a mentoring group instead of a one on one approach to learning.

We have a rough agenda that we follow every week, and we try to keep it fluid enough to bring in new members at any time.  It is free, and you can contact us at [email protected] for more information on joining.  Every meeting is recorded, and members have access to our library of these gatherings and presentations.  Some of this is on our Vimeo site, but much more is covered in these recordings.

Mentoring and A Mastermind Group

We think the best way to learn is by doing.  Every member is urged to start a business or side hustle if they do not already have one.  We discuss business ideas, launching a business, and growing our business as well as your career.  Thus, we have very technical discussions at times, but try to keep it where everyone can contribute and learn.  Our conversation each week includes exposure to several tools and sharing our problem-solving experiences.  However, it goes further than that.  We also look at news and the latest trends so we can position our business (and ourselves) for the future.  The mentoring that goes on is for everyone that attends making it much like a mastermind group as well.

A Typical Agenda

We vary our agenda from week to week, but it often runs like this.

  1. Nugget of the Week: Each member presents (3-5 minutes max) a tool or service they have come across that might be helpful to other members.
  2. Business Checkup: A brief walkthrough of how member’s businesses are progressing and any questions or discussions about recent struggles.
  3. Review Challenges: Each member provides an item or two they will do to advance their business or side hustle.  We then check progress each week to push all of us to keep moving forward on our plans.
  4. Primary presentation: we typically have a 30-60 minute presentation each week.  Sometimes formal with slides and others it is less formal.  It always includes plenty of discussion among members.
  5. Next Week Challenges: Everyone shares their challenge for the upcoming week.
  6. Q&A Wrap up discussion open to any topic members want to bring up
  7. Schedule the next meeting: Our schedules are full, so we attempt to adjust the meeting time each week for the current members and their availability.

Open Enrollment for a Short Time

In the past, our mentoring class was an invite-only, paid service.  However, we are offering membership for free for a short period.  We see this as a great way to encourage more developers to improve themselves through our class or others like it.  You have nothing to lose and may find a whole new world of opportunities and networking connections.  We look forward to growing with you.