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Vendor Lock-in : A Limiting Anti-Pattern

This episode covers the vendor lock-in anti-pattern.  It is another one that we have seen before.  However, it is slightly different when you apply it to software architecture.  This situation is fascinating as we can fall into it thinking we are making the best decisions.  However, comfort and ease are not always the best way to assess our solution.   Vendor Lock-in Defined This anti-pattern occurs when we craft an architecture that hinges on a vendor or third-party product.  Sometimes... Read more

develpreneur podcast

Reinvent The Wheel : An Anti-Pattern of Pride

This next anti-pattern is “reinvent the wheel.”  It is not a rare issue in solving problems.  However, it is still worth exploring.  Knowledge is not enough to avoid it.  Otherwise, it would be less common.  Likewise, the speed of progress in technical solutions makes it a challenge to keep current and avoid this anti-pattern.   Reinvent The Wheel Defined We see this in many ways.  However, it always boils down to looking at a problem as a novel challenge, rather... Read more

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The Wolf Ticket Anti-Pattern: As In Wearing Sheep’s Clothing

Communication and consistency are key traits of patterns.  Likewise, a lack of these creates anti-patterns like the wolf ticket.  We all know that standards are helpful and a worthy pursuit.  However, there are de facto standards that can cause us headaches.  Let’s look at how a good intention can turn into an anti-pattern. A Wolf Ticket Definition A wolf ticket is not that different from smoke and mirrors.  It is a standard or other conforming to rules where there is... Read more

DevOps – An Overview Of What It Is And How To Benefit

DevOps is a hot topic in recent years.  However, it is often misunderstood or ill-defined.  This presentation tries to correct that.  We look at its short history and how DevOps is used.  Likewise, we look at the pros and cons involved when your team embraces this facet of software development. DevOps Is a Steadily Growing Area While a young way to look at a part of the software development process, it is still rapidly growing.  The tools available to assist... Read more

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The Jumble Anti-Pattern : Mixing up horizontal and vertical

One of the funny things about anti-patterns is that they are obvious in the name alone.  We might not know what it is but everyone avoids a jumble.  There is no technical knowledge required to judge this is not a good idea for a solution architecture.  In this episode, we review the jumble anti-pattern, what it looks like, and how to avoid it. The Jumble Defined The key to the jumble anti-pattern is horizontal and vertical elements of the design. ... Read more

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Cover Your Assets Anti-Pattern : Protection Over Production

Overkill is a theme among many anti-patterns.  The cover your assets approach is one of those types where it just goes too far.  There is nothing wrong with providing a solid paper trail and communication.  However, we can make documentation the point and miss the true goal of a project. Cover Your Assets Defined This anti-pattern is the same as documentation for documentation’s sake.  We get lost in administrative red tape, but do not make it to analysis paralysis.  The... Read more