User Acceptance Testing

User Acceptance Testing

Welcome to the next episode in our new series “Integrating testing into your development flow”. Today we are going to be looking at “User Acceptance Testing”. In our last presentation we will be talking about Integration Testing. Specifically, what it is, when should we do it, who does it, and why is it so important?  We went into why most of this type of testing is typically done by a QA manager or test team, not the developer. Including the... Read more

Django website

Django Website Basics – Models And Forms

This series looks at Python and Django.  We continue our tutorials by exploring the steps to build a Django website.  There are a few keys areas to understand, and then we are off and running.  In this presentation, we introduce forms, models, views, and URLs. Forms and Views Our last presentation was an introduction to the models and building a database.  We start with a review and then tie those items to the front-end of our solution.  We can quickly... Read more

develpreneur podcast

Using The Sprint Retrospective For Agile Improvement

The sprint retrospective is where we take the time to assess how we did and plan for improvement.  It is essential for getting better.  Unfortunately, running this activity can be challenging and easy to underestimate for its value.  Here are some suggestions for converting the time spent in a retrospective into action items for improvement. Initial Challenges All teams start out working on how they communicate.  That is just the nature of being human beings.  It is not different in... Read more

develpreneur podcast

Sprint Planning – Setting The Scope

We have set a goal of delivering working software as part of every sprint.  That requires sprint planning and deciding on what will be in or out of scope.  In this episode, we look at ways to craft a sprint and assist us in setting priorities and content.  The ultimate goal is to provide working software that satisfies the customer. The First Step When we start a project, there will often be an overwhelming amount of tasks in the backlog. ... Read more

django models and admin tools

Django Models and Administration Features

Django gives us a robust set of tools for our database and administration of our application.  This tutorial provides an introduction to Django models and those tools.  We will look at how to create and modify our application database and configure security quickly. Django Models Our tour of Django begins with the models and how they make it easy to create a database and maintain them.  The definition of a table is relatively easy to learn, and we get a... Read more

develpreneur podcast

Sprint Grooming – Deciding on the Included Tasks

Several sub-tasks are needed for proper sprint grooming.  They are essential steps in crafting a sprint plan.  These tasks are not trivial and include such on-going difficulties as estimating the time or effort required.  In this episode, we will look closer at these essential activities. Estimating Effort There is no end to the content available to assist us in estimating effort.  However, there is also no silver bullet that allows us to guarantee proper estimation.  That is not a blocking... Read more