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Holiday Sales, Budgets, and Side Hustles

Holiday sales start to show up earlier and earlier every year.  Black Friday has become well known and is not just for your personal purchases.  There are a lot of business-related purchases that can be impacted by these seasonal sales.  That is worth looking into whether you are using up an annual budget or trying to add tools for your side hustle. Holiday Sales and Discounts Most sales are driven by timing.  There are commissions that salespeople want to earn... Read more

develpreneur podcast

Quiet Periods and Blackouts Over The Holidays

There are two sides to quiet periods or closing business over holidays.  We might do this to ease our schedules, or vendors may do so.  In either case, there is a need to plan and properly communicate with those impacted.  Lack of planning can cause all manner of headaches that have no useful solution. Launching a Product or Service The most common of these challenges in my recent experiences is dealing with a flood of year-end deployments.  Sites like the... Read more

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Implementing An Incremental Approach – Small Progress is Still Progress

We have often touched on the idea of an incremental approach as one that builds to great achievements.  Let’s look closer at how that works.  There are many arguments against these concepts as “not enough.”  However, it is inarguable that small steps are forward progress, and they can build up habits.  Those habits can build great achievements and even become lifetime habits that never fade. A Few Minutes A Day There are many skills that we can build in minutes... Read more

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How to write effective user stories in agile development?

The software world has been changing rapidly. A new engineering approach is at the heart of these changes. Agile software development methodologies have revolutionized the world of software engineering. This comes by embracing self-organizing teams, flexibility, and iterative development. However, user stories are more important than ever in gathering proper requirements. The Waterfall Method Traditional software engineering used the waterfall method. This is where each step of the software engineering process is completed before moving on to the next step.... Read more

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System Backups – Prepare for the Worst

Sometimes it is important to get back to the basics when we plan for success.  One of the most basic tasks to address is the idea of system backups.  Many modern organizations build this into their daily processes.  However, we may not be able to take advantage of that for our personal work.  Moreover, side hustles need to include some of these standard processes to avoid data loss. Side Hustle System Backups A full backup is the most direct approach... Read more

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Setting Work Boundaries And Separating Your Life

The holy grail of full-time work from our home has several challenges.  One of the most impactful snares is a blurring of the lines between work and the rest of our life.  Therefore, we need to consider how some work boundaries can be set and enforced.  Slave labor is never a goal, and we need to be aware of whether we are being taken for granted. Quality Or Quantity There is always a trade-off in accomplishing a goal.  We can... Read more