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Meaningful Discussions – Learning From Others While Giving Back

This episode offers a side trip during the interviews season and focuses on meaningful discussions.  We have mentioned difficult discussions.  However, the important ones are the ones that teach us and provide experience without having to experience failure.  We can find them anywhere and just need to go into them with an intent to go deeper. Meaningful Discussions – Start With Tell Me Your Story There are many ways to get others to share their experience with you.  I have... Read more

Start Using React Native

Start Using React Native For Your Mobile Applications

Start Using React Native For Your Mobile Applications begins our new segment on React-Native. In this introductory episode we begin our journey by looking at what React Native is and why you should consider React Native for Mobile Development. Including a complete hands on session covering everything you need to start; such as environments setup, libraries, etc. In order to jump right in and begin writing your first application. What is React-Native React Native is an open-source mobile application framework... Read more

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Memorable Marketing – Find Ways To Stick In Your Customer’s Mind

Here is a bonus episode in our interview with Sam McNeill.  They provide a memorable marketing sort of tool known as insta-hit.  He mentioned this during the interview, and it is impressive to see it in action.  That gives us an excellent launching pad for talking about ways to stick in the mind of your customers. Use What You Have For Memorable Marketing There is definitely a link from the insta-hit to work done by Song Division.  However, it is... Read more

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Sam McNeill – Difficult Conversations and Building a Culture of Teamwork

We wrap up the main part of the conversation with Sam McNeill as we mention difficult conversations.  That is a perfect start for his stories about building a team and maintaining high morale. Next, we discuss roles and cross-training in the wild without getting into the academic terms and suggestions.  Take notes as this is a valuable conversation. Difficult Conversations Sam mentions the book about dysfunctional teams and difficult conversations.  There is a link below to learn more about this... Read more

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Sam NcNeill – When Things Go Wrong , Great Leaders Step Up

We continue our multi-part series of interviews with Sam McNeill with a look at when things go wrong and an examination of leaders.  There are times that we go a little off the rails and times where things go completely awry.  The way you respond can help keep the former from stumbling into the latter. When Things Go Wrong, And They Will Sam has a history of being the “guy with the microphone.”  That can be the best way to... Read more

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Sam McNeill Part 2 – Win Customers With Excitement and Professionalism

We continue our interview with Sam with a deeper dive into enthusiasm.  He describes how his love of his job helps him to win customers.  However, that is just the beginning.  He then goes into some excellent examples of how professionalism leads to customer success.  There is more to winning over customers than simply getting that sale.  He walks us through how to ensure each customer is satisfied. Know Your Role The musical band and recording session examples are highly... Read more