revisit problems

Revisit Problems To Provide Better Solutions

One of the most frustrating barriers to improvement is the idea that “we always did it this way.”  The idea that once a problem is solved, there is no better solution has been proven wrong time and again.  If that were true, then we would have stopped with a walkman and never known about an iPod.  Thus, it is worth our time to revisit problems as we advance our skills.  Doing so can provide better solutions or lead to addressing... Read more

Stay True To Yourself For A Happy Life

The good and bad news about being truly happy is that it comes down to individual taste.  We are only going to be truly happy when we are doing the things we enjoy.  That means that focusing your success on what others want will not bring happiness.  You must be true to yourself, and a little honesty does not hurt either. Know Yourself The scary thing is that we do not always know what is best for us.  We listen... Read more

Raises and Compensation For Your Employees

When you start a business, the idea of proper compensation of employees is not often a primary concern.  There may be a budget and a business plan.  However, compensation is just a number at that point.  The challenge changes once you put people into those positions and the discussions of compensation come up. Fair And Balanced Compensation Fair and balanced is not just a phrase for Fox News.  This also should be your goal for compensating employees.  It would be... Read more

on the job training

On The Job Training And Opportunities For Building Your Skills

Once you get started on an IT career with even the lowest end job, you have opportunities to learn every day.  This form of on the job training is critical to keeping up in this fast moving area.  Better yet, you can squeeze some extra training out of your job that allows for more free time and enjoyment of life.  There are some plans to make and challenges to overcome in making the most of these opportunities. The first challenge... Read more

Building Your Personal Code Repository

Of the countless tips and tricks I have learned over the years, none is more valuable than a personal code repository.  We put so much time and effort into our source code it only makes sense to reap the benefits as long as possible.  That is made possible by keeping track of what we have done and how to grab it for future use. Personal Code Repository Challenges One of the most significant challenges for a personal repository is maintaining... Read more

Keeping Things Light In a Hectic World

We spend a lot of time talking about how to squeeze every drop out of each day.  That includes ways to stay driven and avoid distractions.  Although all of this is important, we also need to focus on keeping things light where possible.  We have too much that is unquestionably serious to not take advantage when things can be casual. Keeping Things Light Requires Perspective The hardest part of keeping things light is avoiding the crushing weight of our goals and responsibilities. ... Read more