Gamelift – Amazon’s answer For Gaming in the Cloud

Game servers have a particular sort of challenge.  They tend to swing from high usage to idle periods.  This makes for both an excellent system in the cloud while also requiring a lot of configuration.  Never fear, Amazon has an answer with their easy to use GameLift service. Stick To What You Know Game developers have a particular set of skills for building software.  These skills are watered down if time is required to develop and configure their deployment infrastructure.  This... Read more

amazon marketplace

Amazon Marketplace – A Source for Your System Needs

This stop in our AWS tour is at the Amazon Marketplace.  This site is not so much a service as a source for solutions.  Just as the name implies, this is a marketplace for AWS solutions. Why Bother With Amazon Marketplace? Your first question is likely to be, “why do we need this?”  That makes sense when you look at all AWS has to offer.  However, when you look at all that is offered, you may be overwhelmed.  Also, you know... Read more

heatmap tools

Using Heatmap Tools To Improve Conversions

As the importance of websites increases, we see tools to help measure their impact.  One example (of many) is the availability of heatmap tools.  These reports are easy to use due to their visual nature, but let’s dig into what we should be seeking. Heatmap Defined First, it helps to be clear on what a heat map is.  Heatmap tools track clicks on a web page.  Every click and where it occurs is tracked.  This can be for every user or... Read more

database design

Database Design – Building the Heart of Your Application

Database design is an essential part of building most software applications.  Proper implementation can impact speed, usability, and reduce user frustration.  In this video tutorial, we look at some steps and guidelines to build your database and avoid design errors. Getting on the Same Page We start this presentation with an overview of databases.  This step helps get us on the same page as far as terminology and the features of a well-designed database.  Although this is not new to many... Read more