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Mail Services – Free and Low Cost

This week we look at mailing and communication tools.  These mail services have a wide range of features and focal points.  That is just part of the reason why we also have a much longer list than typical.  These applications are not quick to evaluate.  Therefore, you should expect it to take weeks or maybe even months to truly find the best option for you. Common Features Most of the mail services we are looking at in this episode offer a... Read more

develpreneur podcast

Software Design – The Flyweight Pattern

We continue a look at the structural patterns with a stop at the flyweight.  This pattern is one I find ignored more often than it should be.  In particular, the large number of data items we typically model in modern applications are often best handled through this pattern. The Flyweight Pattern Defined As always, we will start with the “Gang of Four” intent to set the stage for our discussion. “Use sharing to support large numbers of fine-grained objects efficiently.” Short... Read more

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Maintaining Focus At The Year End

The Holidays bring their own set of challenges to our business lives.  One of the most significant is the impact to maintaining focus.  We have days off, co-workers on vacation, customers at parties, and vendors taking time off (or a mix of those situations) to contend with.  We also tend to have tasks that need to get done before year end.  All of this can make the final weeks of our year a stressful period. The Way Forward Every time I... Read more

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AWS Media Services

The AWS media services are among their more recent offerings.  Nevertheless, these are applications you may find critical to your cloud strategy.  These may not be very familiar to you if media processing is not your thing.  On the other hand, they are what you hope for if it is your focus.   Amazon Elastic Transcoder: Easy-to-use Scalable Media Transcoding The first service we look at is the transcoder.  It has a simple function of translating video media from one format... Read more

develpreneur podcast

Technology Toys for the Holidays

It is a great time for us to talk about technology toys you can give or put on your list.  As we wrap up our Holiday week episodes we have some fun and provide a few suggestions. Alternatives to Amazon Alexa devices: USB Toys: Popular USB Items: Nintendo Switch: Read more