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An Interview With the CMO of

This episode is the second in a two-part interview with Connor Gillivan of (Part One is here).  This time we look at his company and how they might be an excellent resource for you.  That holds whether you are a provider or if you are looking for help. A Curated Model Conner describes their model and approaches far better than I.  However, I will say that they have a different process for connecting workers and customers than many of the... Read more


Developer’s Guide to Compliance

With the recent start date of GDPR and all of the related emails you are likely receiving, compliance is on my mind.  Although every form of compliance is slightly different, there are common steps we developers can take to help our customers.  This article will go more into consulting than a typical developer may need to drift.  However, these steps may help you look more senior to your bosses than you are. Compliance Goals The first thing to learn about any... Read more

develpreneur podcast

Development Language Families and Leveraging Them

As we continue our overview of IT and development languages, in particular, we examine the idea of development language families.  This includes how those can impact our ability to quickly adapt to a new environment. Modern Development Language Families The good news about this concept is that the most popular modern languages fall into only a few categories of families.  Thus, once you have even one or two under your belt, it can be a short trip to ramp up to... Read more

develpreneur podcast

Creating A Productive Workspace and The Happiness it Provides

Your job may dictate your workspace and environment.  However, you likely have at least a little say in the way that space is configured.  Also, your side hustle workspace or home office can be configured to your personal style and situation.  Although it may seem minor, a productive workspace is important to your mental and physical health. A Productive Workspace Is Focused When you build a home office the area you use is a critical part of whether it can... Read more

develpreneur podcast

Building a Personal Brand Across A Wide Range of Social Platforms

One of the benefits of the popularity of social networks is that we can build a personal brand and reach a broad audience.  We can open our target market up to the world and are not limited to our city, state, or country.  It is tempting (and common) to have a presence on several platforms rather than restrict our reach.  Yes, there is overlap, but why not reach as far as possible when these sites are free to use. A Consistent... Read more