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Using White Space To Make Your Point

The Power Of White Space One of the common mistakes I see from IT workers (and I know I have done this as well) is a lack of using white space appropriately.  I am not sure what the origin of this weakness is.  However, it is one that by its very nature is obvious in written communication.  We can write legibly in 4 point font using modern tools.  On the other hand, we can easily bump that up to 12 point... Read more

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Building Out Your Application From a Demo

It is time for building out your application.  You have a core engine for solving the main problem and a clickable demo to show off the user experience.  Those provide the skeletal structure of our product.  However, there is a lot of meat we need to add to those bones. Help Yourself Administration is a requirement for most applications.  It may not be a requirement users will ever experience.  However, you will likely make use of some sort of administrative... Read more

develpreneur podcast

Create The User Experience – Building a Software Product

We have worked on functionality in our application to this point.  Now we can start to create a user experience, so those functions are accessible and intuitive.  We will begin with a clickable demo that makes it easy to see how to navigate through the features. No Place Like Home Every application has a “home” or “start” page.  This type of page is the one users see first in most cases.  Accordingly, they tend to spend more time on it than any other... Read more

develpreneur podcast

Landing a Project for Your Sidehustle

Our series on a consulting side hustle moves into landing a project.  We have set the stage to present our services and “company.”  In this episode, we will look out how to use that positioning to find, apply for, and win a project. Stay Happy Early on, we will often take work that is not ideal.  Our goal is building a series of reference projects and we are not able to be too picky.  Nevertheless, the projects to take on for... Read more

Elastic BeanStalk

Amazon Elastic BeanStalk – Automate deployments and scaling

The power of using Amazon AWS for your IT needs is incredible.  There are dozens of services that are within reach of those that have even the smallest budget.  Of course, all this power requires responsibility in the form of administration and monitoring.  The good news is that Amazon has once again thought of that and provided us with a compelling service.  The Elastic BeanStalk service is a management tool that adds ease-of-use to the most commonly used AWS options. Cloud... Read more

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General Case Problem-Solving – Implementation Steps

In the prior episode, we started out our coding of a solution for a specific case.  Now we move on to the general case problem-solving code.  Some of this work may have been completed in your general solution, but it is worth looking over these to craft the best solution. Input Parameters Our hard-coded solution did not need any parameters or even user input.  However, as we move into the code for the general case problem-solving, we need to add those features. ... Read more