avoiding burnout

Detecting and Avoiding Burnout

Every developer is different in their ability to sustain a high level of productivity for any amount of time.  The higher you push productivity and the longer you try to maintain it, the more difficult this becomes.  Therefore, everyone has their limits.  The suggestions I am making have worked for me but will need to be adjusted for your drive and endurance.  I also feel the need to re-iterate that this all comes from decades of experience and adjustments.  Your... Read more

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AWS Developer Tools – Your Entire Environment

As we move through the groups of AWS services, the developer tools group is one of the most impressive.  Amazon does an excellent job of providing you everything you need to jump right in and get into writing code.  Buckle up as we look into this broad group of services. Code Commit The options for version control go beyond Git.  However, it seems like the other choices are becoming less and less viable.  Thus, Amazon skips looking at any other... Read more

develpreneur podcast

Content Management Tools (Free and Low-cost)

Content management systems were all the rage about a decade ago.  However, that market has settled down a lot and has only a few top contenders.  That may not matter to you or your customers.  A CMS is going to be a tool that can provide a large amount of value if it works closely to how you do.  Therefore, it is worth your time to stay up to speed with the latest offerings.  There are significant differences in how... Read more

develpreneur podcast

Software Design – The Prototype Pattern

Our tour of the creational patterns takes us to one of the fastest ways to create a new instance.  The prototype pattern provides an option to clone an instance rather than create and then set values.  This approach has a variety of uses that can reduce coding and execution time. The Prototype Pattern Defined It helps to start with the “Gang of Four” definition and then we will dig into that. “Specify the kinds of objects to create using a prototypical instance, and... Read more

develpreneur podcast

The AWS Networking and Content Delivery Services

The AWS networking and content delivery services provide you the means to put your infrastructure in the cloud.  These offerings are focused on the networking side of things (as the name tells us) rather than the actual servers.  This is where we go to direct users to our solutions or and protect our systems from outsiders. AWS Networking In general, the Amazon services are on the Internet and open to the world.  That is why most of them start out in a... Read more

realistic cloud pricing

Virtual Systems On A Budget – Realistic Cloud Pricing

A pet peeve I have with cloud services is that the tutorials and “wizards” are not always practical.  The configurations these tools suggest or use by default may be functional, but they also tend to be a bit expensive.  There are the best solutions, and then there are the practical ones.  It is essential that you understand your requirements to estimate realistic cloud pricing for your solution. Peaks and Valleys One of the most common issues I have seen in estimating... Read more