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Software Design – The Decorator Pattern

The Decorator Pattern is not only a common one, but it is also one of the best ways to embrace object-oriented design.  This approach is a form of “helper,” and the idea of a decoration fits it perfectly.  It is an addition to a class without being a part of the class.  Let’s look at this useful pattern. The Decorator Pattern Defined As always, we will start with the “Gang of Four” intent to set the stage for our discussion. “Attach additional... Read more

Google App and Compute Engines

Google App and Compute Engines: Understand and using the engines

This video is another in our series on the Introduction to Google Cloud. In this video, we cover how to set up and use the Google App and Compute engines to deploy applications and environments. An overview of the Google App and Compute Engines App Engine Compute Engine What are the differences between the 3 engine types: Kubernetes, App, and Compute. Build a Simple Hello World App Engine Deploy a simple to-do app with MongoDB Other videos in Introduction to Google Cloud series:... Read more

building skills

Building Skills and Passive Income Through New Products

We have looked at how entrepreneurial and software development skills are an excellent pairing.  This situation becomes even more useful as you get over the hump of building a broad technical foundation.  When you spend your early years mastering the various areas of software development, it opens up incredible possibilities.  The best of these may be the option to build entire software systems on your own.  Of course, size and effort may limit what you can do by yourself.  However,... Read more

develpreneur podcast

AWS Compliance, Identity and Security Services (Part 2)

This second part of AWS compliance, identity, and security-related services should feel familiar.  These are solutions that nearly everyone needs, and has used, at some point.  Fortunately, these have free tiers and tutorials to help any user get started with them and building them into your environment in the cloud. Cloud Directory This is an all-important LDAP related service.  The power that the Amazon service brings to this universal need is the ability to integrate and go across multiple directories... Read more

develpreneur podcast

MS Office Alternatives – Free and Low Cost

In this episode, we will look at Microsoft Office alternatives.  The suite of applications can run up to over one thousand dollars which are not in the budget of many of us.  However, there is almost no need to ever pay that amount for your office suite needs and here are some excellent alternatives. Office Online The full products can be purchased via a monthly subscription instead of that upfront cost.  This approach is not only less drain on your... Read more

Google Cloud Counsel

Google Cloud Counsel: Using the interface and platform to deploy containers

Welcome to the second part of the video on the Introduction to Google Cloud. In this part of the video, we are going to pick up our discussion of Google Cloud, with a walkthrough on how to use the Google Cloud Counsel platform to deploy containers using the Kubernetes engine. Using Google Cloud Counsel and Platform to Deploy Containers Google Cloud Counsel Kubernetes Engine Google web CLI interface Deploying containers Other videos in Introduction to Google Cloud series: Understanding and using the... Read more