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MS Office Alternatives – Free and Low Cost

In this episode, we will look at Microsoft Office alternatives.  The suite of applications can run up to over one thousand dollars which are not in the budget of many of us.  However, there is almost no need to ever pay that amount for your office suite needs and here are some excellent alternatives. Office Online The full products can be purchased via a monthly subscription instead of that upfront cost.  This approach is not only less drain on your... Read more

Google Cloud Counsel

Google Cloud Counsel: Using the interface and platform to deploy containers

Welcome to the second part of the video on the Introduction to Google Cloud. In this part of the video, we are going to pick up our discussion of Google Cloud, with a walkthrough on how to use the Google Cloud Counsel platform to deploy containers using the Kubernetes engine. Using Google Cloud Counsel and Platform to Deploy Containers Google Cloud Counsel Kubernetes Engine Google web CLI interface Deploying containers Other videos in Introduction to Google Cloud series: Understanding and using the... Read more

develpreneur podcast

Software Design – The Composite Pattern

The Composite Pattern is one that is not taken advantage of as often as it might outside of frameworks.  This is an approach to design that allows you to treat a family of objects the same.  It is a quintessential reason for and use of an interface.  The flexibility is critical to being able to handle groups of different objects the same way any individual one would be treated. The Composite Pattern Defined As always, we will start with the “Gang... Read more

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Keeping Your IT Career on Track

One of the challenges faced by everyone that embraces a career is keeping those fires burning.  It is in our nature to want to experience new things and meet different challenges.  Oh sure, there are those that are perfectly happy with a job that is the same day in and day out.  However, we have already established that our nature does not allow that contentment (or resignation). Starting Your IT Career The first decade or so of an IT career... Read more

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AWS Security Services (Part 1)

The compliance, identity, and security services of AWS covers a large number of offerings.  Therefore, we will review these in a multi-part series of episodes.  The power and infrastructure provided by choosing AWS for your cloud provider become apparent with these tools.  We have a lot to cover in this first part. Access and Identity Management This should be the first step in your use of the AWS services.  AIM is a framework or set of features to help you define... Read more

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Social Site Management Tools – Free and Low-Cost

Social networking is all the rage.  Unfortunately, all of those platforms that allow us to share our story can be hard to keep up with.  When you want to reach out to customers on more than one platform then it is time to look at these social site management tools. Social Site Management Most of the tools we discuss start with the ability to post content to multiple platforms.  While that is highly useful (and time-saving), it is just the beginning. ... Read more