A grid of example domain names

Whats in a Domain Name?

Do I need a Domain Name? A new business is rarely going to skip out on a domain name these days.  A website and Internet presence have become a cost of doing business.  However, a small operation or a blogger might decide that they can use other options for their Internet site and skip the domain registration process. The free options available from social networking sites, blogging hubs, and even Google provide a way to create some web pages or... Read more

Balance Your Time in a Busy World: Tools and Techniques

Work-life balance is a popular topic these days.  The world has gotten smaller.  That reduction has lead to jobs feeling like they require attention twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.  However, we still have personal lives and families that need our time as well.  Thus, we have to learn how to make use of the time we have. The concept of work-life balance often seems to be focused on reducing work.  We see that as a limiting... Read more

IT Overview Class – A tech overview for the non-technical

Our IT Overview Course is now Free! We are busy wrapping up our first course at Develpreneur.com.  However, we feel it could be helped by an overview of IT class.  This is not a small topic to cover.  Instead of building something new, we have decided to make the white papers created for IT 4 Recruiters free. Our goal is helping our members navigate the world of IT to become better workers and entrepreneurs.  Cost can be a barrier to access.... Read more