We start the next interview with an introduction to Timothy Stratton.  He is an experienced developer moving into a role as a manager.  This episode focuses on starting a new project and how to ramp up to new technologies.

A Little Background

Timothy is a software development manager at XSolis with a strong development background.  He has a master’s degree and a love for learning.  We will cover those in the interview, so no spoilers here.

plot a path to go from little or no knowledge to enough to get us started.  Documentation is invaluable in these situations.  However, it is not always available or thorough.  We can supplement documentation with questions and discussions.  That includes shadowing users or subject matter experts.  Thus, sometimes watching others is the best way to help us discover what we do not know.

A picture is said to be worth a thousand words.  That is important to remember when learning a new thing.  Likewise, we can learn quickly by seeing someone in action rather than describing it.  For example, consider learning to tie a shoe through an example as opposed to a how-to document.

A Hidden Gem

When you are faced with a confusing new environment, ask questions. Of course, you are not expected to know everything, and the easiest way to get answers is to ask questions.  Nevertheless, we skimmed right through that gem in the interview, so please do not let it go by without note.  This is the best technique for getting started quickly.  Therefore, embrace your inquisitive side and speed your learning through questions.

Great Links for more From Timothy

Look him up on Linked In to connect.  You can find him at Timothy Stratton.  You can also send an email to [email protected] for other methods of connection.  He is not a fan of social sites.  Thus, he keeps that footprint small.


Rob Broadhead

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