This episode of our interview with Timothy Stratton delves into experiences and how to be a better manager.  We compare notes on what has worked for us and traits of those we seek to emulate.  While the focus is on developer managers, there are many general suggestions as well.


The Better Manager Summary

There are many traits of a good manager.  We hit on the more generalized of these in our discussion.  These come from our experience as a manager and being managed.  We started our careers as developers and think we have some good insights into managing developers because of that foundation.  It is easy to do the things that you found to be positives when the roles were switched.  A golden nugget in this area is to remove obstacles for your team.

The Weight of the World

One of the more significant challenges in moving from developer to manager is becoming less hands-on.  We have skills that allow us to jump in and help get tasks accomplished.  However, that is not always the best use of our time.  There is a mental adjustment needed to move from a “do-er” role to a guide or director.  That is not an easy step to take and can often keep developers on a technical track rather than managerial.  Fortunately, there are rewards for either of these paths and we have good options for an extended career.

A Little Background

Timothy is a software development manager at XSolis with a strong development background.  He has a master’s degree and a love for learning.  We gave some details in part one and then dug deeper into how his career started and how those steps led to success today in part 2.

Contacting Timothy

You can send an email to [email protected] for other methods of connection. Unfortunately (for us), he is not a fan of social sites.  Thus, he keeps that footprint small.  However, he is happy to help others, and we can connect you through any of the normal Develpreneur avenues.

Rob Broadhead

Rob is a founder of, and frequent contributor to, Develpreneur. This includes the Building Better Developers podcast. He is also a longtime student of technology as a developer, designer, and manager of software solutions. Rob is a founder and principle of RB Consulting and has managed to author a book about his family experiences. In his free time, he stays busy raising five children (although a few have grown into adults). When he has a chance to breathe, he is on the ice playing hockey to relax.

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