We come to the close of another season.  The focus for the last series of episodes has been positivity.  Therefore, I hope you have shifted to a more optimistic approach to life after these topics.  It is too easy to find the negatives in any situation.  However, the work and effort you put into finding upsides in an activity or event are worth the effort.

You Find What You Look For

One of the things about humans that fascinates me is our ability to shift viewpoints and completely change a situation.  Politics is one of the most blatant of these situations.   Take any politician and some things they have said then listen to the response from the two parties (in the U.S. arena).  The views can often be as different as night and day.  However, it all comes down to the point of view.  When we take that into account, it is worth attempting to adjust our viewpoint in ways that make us happy and productive

health benefits of being happy.  With that in mind, why would you not want to find ways to increase your happiness.  Once you go down that road, you have two options.  You can increase the number of events in your life that make you happy, and you can reduce the ones that suck away your happiness.  Our jobs consume a lot of our time.  Therefore, that is an area where we can make considerable strides in happiness.  When things go well at work, we are generally happier.  Likewise, when things are not going well, it shows.

A Positivity Impact

The goal in this season was to make you a better developer by helping you find more joy in your work and reasons to look forward to each day.  All of this goes beyond the simple goal of reducing your headaches.  When you look for the positives, you are looking for ways to become a better developer, even in the most challenging situations.  These little victories add up.

Episode Challenge: Has this season made you (even a little bit) more optimistic?  Has that helped your satisfaction in life?

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Rob Broadhead

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