In this final episode of the Agile Manifesto season, we look at the key takeaways we should have.  These items have been a focus throughout the season.  However, we can not ignore these critical aspects of “doing Agile right.”  This agile principles summary will give us some items to consider as we try to improve as developers.

Satisfy The Customer

The final judge for any product is the customer.  You may try to provide the example of movies that have critics and reviews.  Nevertheless, the bottom line is always the essential indicator as to whether a product is successful.  We will not get our customers to use a product that does not properly solve a problem (or problems).  We must at least satisfy the customer to achieve this goal.  Therefore, it should always be our primary focus and the final arbiter of whether a decision is the best one.

Learn More About Scrum

Challenge of The Week: What did you take away from this season? How will you use this agile principles summary to improve your team or self?

Rob Broadhead

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