As we continue our lengthy tour through Amazon services under the AWS umbrella let’s look at CodeCommit.  This is the code repository service offered by Amazon.  The repository provides version control via git.  It is also an important part of their developer tools group of services.

What is git?

Git is a distributed version control tool.  That means it allows developers to track changes to code source and do so without having to stay connected to a central repository.  In short, git allows developers to commit changes to a local repository and then publish them to a central server to make them available to other developers.  If you don’t understand version control then move along, there is nothing to see here.  If you currently use version control like SVN or CVS then distributed version control will be very new to you.  Rather than go on a tangent, I suggest you check out this article.


The Amazon solution is a full git repository.  You can create as many repositories as you need.  However, there is a point where Amazon will start charging you for that convenience.  The pricing is in line with other popular providers like BitBucket and GitHub.  However, this solution allows you to keep it all within your network.  Thus, it is a tool that can allow even a software development shop to outsource its technical infrastructure while still keeping it essentially a private cloud.

Although CodeCommit is hardly a ground-breaking service it is another great tool in the AWS offerings.  AWS adds to a series of vendors that have git support for version control.  Thus, anyone in a position to select a version control approach should look strongly at git.  There are a lot of options out there, but it is becoming an almost default tool in a developer’s toolbox.

Rob Broadhead

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