You may think of Amazon web services as all technology-focused.  That is not the case.  There are plenty of offerings to help you run your business.  In this episode, we look at a perfect example of these business services via the AWS Customer Engagement Tools grouping.  There are only a few services in this group, but they are extremely powerful and useful.

Simple Email Service

This is different from WorkMail.  That service provides a server for managing your email accounts and directing email.  SES is a service that acts as a sender and receiver for your emails.  It is the purest form of handling email.  The CLI makes this a perfect tool for sending email to and from applications, maintaining mail lists, and using email as a primary notification method for your solution.


This is a pay as you go, cloud-based, call center.  It uses the same technology found in Alexa to direct your customers through a call flow and integrates with their data to help direct them as efficiently as possible.  This walks you through setting up a contact URL, a phone number they can call, then the queues (IVR) that you want them to experience.  This does provide 90 minutes of call time a month on the free tier to make it easy for you to do setup and testing.


This is high-powered customer notification tool.  You can send email, SMS, or push notifications to users of your applications and this service also provides detailed analytics to help you determine how effective they are.  Think of MailChimp with a greater ability to send and track notifications and engagement.

I know, we suggest you look into services every week.  However, these can provide a surprising set of features for your business.  Even if you do not use these or currently need them, they are services that you should know are out there in the AWS space.



Rob Broadhead

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