We started this series on AWS services in the late 3rd quarter of 2018.  As we start in 2019, there are over a dozen new AWS services that have come online during that time.  Although we have covered a few of these in an overview with one of the groups due to the timing of their release, most of these are yet to be looked at.

AWS Services March On

The good and bad news about these offerings from Amazon is that they do not show any sign of slowing down their advance.  There are new services, and even new groups created every quarter.  Therefore, you will need to put aside a little time each week or month to check out the latest services available.  This does not include the expansions that are made on an almost daily basis to the existing dozens of products we have discussed.  Thus, a weekly review of the AWS services and the latest news (subscribe here) is highly recommended.

The List

Ok, we have held off long enough.  Drum roll, please.  Here is the list of services mentioned in this episode of the podcast.  However, please note that time constraints have kept us from digging into any of these offerings.  I recommend you take a closer look at any that appear attractive.

  • Media Services Application Manager
  • AWS Client VPN
  • AWS ThinkBox
  • Resource Access Manager
  • AWS Well-architected tool
  • AWS Security Hub
  • Amazon Fsx for Windows File Server
  • AWS License Manager
  • Amazon Elastic Inference
  • Amazon Timestream
  • AWS Cloud Map
  • Amazon Personalize
  • Amazon Forecast
  • AWS DeepRacer
  • Amazon Textract
  • Amazon Quantum Ledger Database
  • Managed Blockchain
  • SageMaker Neo
  • AWS Ground Station
  • Robomaker
  • S3 object lock
  • Amplify Console

Please note that this list covers a wide range of services.  Thus, we can see that Amazon is not standing still in any of the groups we have included.  It is worth the time invested to keep an eye on the latest advances in the groups of services that matter most to you.

We may come back around to some of these in future episodes.  However, feedback from you and your experiences with any of these will be much appreciated.  As we wrap up this season, I hope you have learned a few things about Amazon AWS and have become a better developer because of it.

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