Once we become adults we often relegate playing as something that died along with our childhood.  This can often be a mistake.  A trip for buying toys may look very different as an adult.  However, it can still be one that refreshes us and triggers those same positive feelings we get with any reward.

Buying Toys Can Be Practical

The first thing to get clear is what toys mean.  These are anything that we get enjoyment from.  Thus, our toys can be things like tools, appliances, accessories, or even simple items.  In fact, our toy buying thrill may be triggered by a trip to pick up office supplies, silverware, or even giving to a charity.

I think we try to justify our toys too often as an adult rather than enjoying the experience.  That is the focus of this episode.  In particular, an IT career is full of toys and ways to reward ourselves while still being “very adult” in our focus.

Work and Play

The best thing about the things we often enjoy in the IT sector is that they also can help our career.  Some of these items may be expensive, but they are so important we might even be able to write them off on our taxes.  These include toys like laptops, smartphones, tablets, and any new technology product like Goole Home.  We look at why we should embrace our ability to scratch our buying toys itch while still looking for ways to apply those items in our day job.


Rob Broadhead

Rob is a founder of, and frequent contributor to, Develpreneur. This includes the Building Better Developers podcast. He is also a lifetime learner as a developer, designer, and manager of software solutions. Rob is the founder of RB Consulting and has managed to author a book about his family experiences and a few about becoming a better developer. In his free time, he stays busy raising five children (although they have grown into adults). When he has a chance to breathe, he is on the ice playing hockey to relax or working on his ballroom dance skills.

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