We continue our discussion with Naomi Johnson and examine some of the more advanced ways to use your profile to close deals with LinkedIn. She provides a story that is a convincing way to view how we can use our profile to talk to a customer. This focus is not on people in general but on how to reel in that client that is considering a purchase or hire. It is that final step in a funnel that LinkedIn can help you build.

Close Deals With LinkedIn By Addressing Lingering Doubts

We have all seen funnels and how they typically work. The last step is the decision to buy. We can close deals with LinkedIn by thinking about that decision step. The customer will be talking it out amongst their team and others that may not know you yet. The profile provides you a way to give them a quick summary of your skills and how you are the best choice for them. We talk about how the time invested in building reliable connections via networking can lead to that sale and a return on the investment.

About Naomi

Naomi Johnson is an Expert LinkedIn Profile Writer. She has spent the last ten years helping people position themselves as the ‘go to’ experts within their industry and structuring their business so prospects come to them pre-sold and ready to buy. Furthermore, she is the founder of TheProfile.Company and The Expert Economy. She is also the author of “The Expert Economy,” “What to Put on Your LinkedIn Profile,” and “Grassroots to Green Shoots.”

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