Cloud storage is one of the most game-changing products in recent decades.  We have seen the cost of storage drop on a regular basis, and these tools are amazingly affordable.  These applications combine with high-speed connections to make it almost invisible to store data on the cloud instead of your device.

Many Cloud Storage Options

The product landscape for these tools is full of players.  However, a few have distinguished themselves from the pack.  Nevertheless, we have found a more extensive list of examples in case you want to learn more or find other options.  You can see those options here:


The Features

At first glance, you might not care what differentiates these products outside of price.  Space is space, right?  Well, not exactly.  I want to make it clear that all of these options have browser-based solutions and generally available clients.  Thus, these applications are all available across desktop operating systems and mobile devices as well.  The functionality varies a little among the client types, but any of these are candidates no matter your primary OS.

Security and speed are going to be the two most important ways to score these options.  Then close behind those is the collaboration feature.  The good news is that these features are still affordable and the providers make them an excellent deal.  The client applications, in particular, are being updated on a regular basis so your mileage may vary in speed comparisons.  The security in many cases is at a higher level than you likely have on your own.  Likewise, some of these may be better than keeping your files on a local network as far as security is concerned.

Trials are available, and many have free forever storage options at 5GB or more.  Thus, they are more than worth a look and may help you never have to use a “sneaker net” again.


Google Drive






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