The greatest blessing you can have is to find joy in your work. It is a cliché to say you will never work a day in your life. However, that does not mean it is also not a true statement. Jeff Dillon has found that and plans on retiring to focus on what brings him joy. This situation may be a perfect example of how to enjoy the challenge of the job most suited to you.

Enjoy The Challenge Or Face Boredom

We wrap up our interview with Jeff looking towards the future. He is ready to embrace his new full-time job. That sets up an excellent example for the rest of us. Of course, he could retire and ride off into the sunset. However, that seems anticlimactic and even dull. Instead of resting on his past successes, Jeff is looking forward to enjoying the challenge this new direction provides. We need to be pushed to grow. Thus, obstacles and challenges are not things to avoid. Instead, they should be pursued methodically so that we grow in the direction we desire.  

Find A Win

The conversation with Jeff points to another thing we need to be able to do. That is to declare victory at some point. We do not need to do this randomly. Instead, we find a good point to consider a task or project complete and declare victory. When we take that step, we free ourselves to pursue other challenges and paths. Retirement is only one such way to achieve this sort of closure that leads to growth.

A Little Background

Jeff has 21 years in higher education technology leadership at two public Universities. He was on the cutting edge of web development during that time and a leader in mobile evolution.

He has founded three successful companies, with the latest being EdTech Connect, a platform created to democratize the Higher Education conversation.

Over the past year, EdTech Connect has kept him on the leading edge of the future of Higher Education technology. That ranges from the latest mobile apps and chatbots to how institutions will soon use Artificial Intelligence to enhance the student experience. We will see how he can speak to many perspectives of Higher Ed Technology.

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