Welcome to the next episode in our new series “Integrating testing into your development flow”. Today we are going to be looking at “How to Define and Implement a Test Strategy”.

Even though testing differs between organizations. Almost all software development organizations follow some sort of test document to achieve their goals and ensure they are following best practices. Not only is this document used by the organization to define its overall Test Strategy, but it is also one of the most important documents in test deliverables. Like other test deliverables, this document can be shared with the customer for a better understanding of the scope of the project, test approaches, and other important aspects.

In some cases, the sales team of an organization could use this document to highlight the company’s approach to testing, defect management, and release schedules in order to land a sale.  Once the test document is ready, the test team will start writing the detailed Test Plan and continue further phases of testing. Unfortunately in the Agile world, some companies are not spending time on test plan preparation due to the minimal time for each release. Instead of opting to maintain a test document. Maintaining this document for the entire project leads to mitigate the unforeseen risks.

Topics covered in Define and Implement a Test Strategy

    • What is a Test Strategy?
    • Test Strategy vs. Test Plan
    • How to build a good test strategy
    • Sample templates
    • Tips on Writing a Successful Test Strategy

This series comes from our mentoring/mastermind classes.  These classes are virtual meetings that focus on how to improve our technical skills and build our businesses.  The goals of each member vary.  However, this diversity makes for great discussions and a ton of educational value every time we meet.  We hope you enjoy viewing this series as much as we enjoy creating it.  As always, this may not be all new to you, but we hope it helps you be a better developer.

Sample Templates

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