Build Your Customer Base

Whether you are just getting started or your business is decades old, customers are critical to success.  In fact, without your customer base, there is no business.  So let’s look at some ways to build loyalty and grow your core of customers. A Strong Customer Base When we look at a customer base, we look beyond the numbers.  A core of 100 purchasers of your product is better when they are loyal customers and not one-time buyers.  Thus, we have to provide an experience and build a relationship, not just provide a product or service.  This challenge can seem to be a huge hill to climb when we start.  However, there are some tools and channels to start and grow our... Read more

cloud formation

Cloud Formation – Script Your AWS Solution

Our tour of Amazon Web services has taken us through some offerings.  When you consider maintaining and reproducing these for your environment, it can seem overwhelming.  However, the wizards at AWS have already thought of this and created Cloud Formation Cloud Formation: Wizards and Scripting This free service allows you to use JSON or YAML to script out your resources and environment.  It may seem daunting and over-technical at first, but it is easy to use.  There is support for a graphical approach to building your scripts, or you can edit them directly.  Honestly, I can see a high value in both methods.  In particular, the templates and quick start tools are perfect to get your scripts 80% or more done. ... Read more

An Introduction to AWS and the Free Tier

Any good developer has to start with an environment for their work.  These requirements can be an expensive obstacle to overcome.  However, Amazon has made their extensive network and resources available to all of us.  There is a cost, of course, but it is easy to scale.  They even have a free tier of services. Your Personal Data Center The suite of services provided by Amazon called Amazon Web Services is often called AWS.  These offerings cover dozens of needs of modern developers.  Better yet, these tools are easy to use and secure by default.  This topic is a great place to start your development roadmap.  It is also where any company should turn as they are being launched.  This... Read more

Determine Your Why For A Life of Contentment

There are many measures of success.  Fame and fortune often top this list.  However, when you think about it, a life of contentment is the real measure of success.  Once we reach this conclusion we need to dig into what makes us content.  This is our personal key to happiness. Contentment Comes From Your “Why” The are many ways to achieve contentment.  However, anyone that is truly content has found and addressed the “why” in their life.  This goal may be a happy family, financial security, the ability to give to or support others, or many other achievements.  So our first step needs to be figuring out the “why” that drives us.  This is the reward we achieve for a job... Read more

Business Development – Work On Your Business, Not In It

Any good business generates revenue.  However, this fact can impede growth.  The desire to work hard and increase revenue can be a tactical decision that ignores good strategy.  In this episode, we look at some steps you can take to keep yourself from losing the big picture. Strong Companies Require Business Development The problem with strong revenue is that it is a short-term value.  I can sell a million dollars worth of product in one day.  However, that does mean I will ever sell even $1 worth of product again.  This example is obvious and simplified.  Nevertheless, it is a microcosm of working in your business rather than on it. The current revenue numbers we see may keep us happy,... Read more

final push

Make a Final Push to Setup a Great New Year

We are nearing the end of another year.  Thus, it is an excellent time to look at how far you have come.  You may look back and see a lot of improvement over where you were last season.  On the other hand, you might find yourself in roughly the same situation.  Here at Develpreneur, we find that unacceptable.  Our goal is for everyone to live more and better each year.  The status quo is not good enough.  Let’s look at how to embrace these few weeks with a final push and set ourselves up for a great new year. A Final Push Can Be a Huge Launchpad When you look back at what has been dogging you for the year,... Read more