amazon database

Amazon Aurora – Enterprise Database

We have looked at storage and server options from Amazon.  Thus, now it is time to look at one the database options.  Amazon Aurora is a relational database solution that is an excellent step up from MySQL. Easy To Use Aurora is currently MySQL compatible, and they are working on a PostgreSQL version as well.  This offering means that you can use all of your tools and knowledge with MySQL to administer and develop on Aurora.  There is no need to think of an Aurora solution as anything other than a production MySQL database.  An instance can be brought up in minutes.  The size and power, along with credentials, is all you need to get started. An Enterprise Solution Of course,... Read more

development languages

Learning a New Development Language

Modern developers have to learn more than one or two languages during their career.  Thus, any steps that can improve your ability to ramp to a new language will add value to your resume.  In my time spent learning dozens of languages, I have found a few steps that help.  Everyone learns a little differently.  However, these help add a language as a tool rather than master the syntax. What is The Purpose? Nearly every language has a primary purpose.  For example, HTML and PHP are for building web applications.  Java is for cross-platform development.  There are a few general purpose languages (C, C++, and the like).  However, there tends to be a problem or family of challenges at which... Read more


Amazon CodeCommit

As we continue our lengthy tour through Amazon services under the AWS umbrella let’s look at CodeCommit.  This is the code repository service offered by Amazon.  The repository provides version control via git.  It is also an important part of their developer tools group of services. What is git? Git is a distributed version control tool.  That means it allows developers to track changes to code source and do so without having to stay connected to a central repository.  In short, git allows developers to commit changes to a local repository and then publish them to a central server to make them available to other developers.  If you don’t understand version control then move along, there is nothing to see... Read more

compliance reports

Amazon Compliance Reports

One of the services Amazon provides that is not really a service is compliance reports.  These documents are important to anyone that uses AWS for commercial purposes.  This particular service is also known as AWS Artifact and can be found at this link.  You can also look at the overview at this page. Who Needs Compliance Reports? A small business may never care about compliance reports.  However, these can be very important if your business deals in financial information, credit cards, or personal data.  The compliance reports provide documentation about your environment and can build trust in customers.  These documents are also important for a company that desires ISO certification or wants to pass a security audit. This documentation does not guarantee... Read more

a glacier

Amazon Glacier – Low Cost, Long Term Storage

As we continue our AWS tour, we come to Glacier.  It is Amazon’s solution for long-term storage of large files.  We have discussed their S3 storage solution in a couple of other articles.  However, think of this as the next step in storage. Glacier is Like Offsite Tape Storage If S3 is your hard drive in the cloud, then glacier is your long-term tape archive storage in the cloud.  You can check out what Amazon says about this service here or take our word for it. They provide a couple of tiers of access to Glacier vaults depending on how fast you need to get your data back.  A vault is a location for storing an archive.  The data costs are minimal... Read more