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What is a CDN? CloudFlare to the rescue

When you tackle the issue of speeding up a website, the concept of a CDN will come up.  Since this is obviously not a push to host your server in Canada, it begs the question, what is a CDN? So, what is a CDN? The letters are short for content delivery network, and it is an important concept to understand for performance tuning.  At its simplest, a CDN is a network of servers that help bring content to users from as close to them as possible.  Think of the Postal Service as a form of CDN.  You can go to the nearest office to you to pick up your mail.  It even goes a step further, and you have a... Read more

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Evaluate Your Site, Get Improvement Suggestions, For Free

In a prior post, we looked at the Google speed test tool. It is an excellent way to evaluate your site and comply with what they consider to be user-friendly guidelines.  The essential purpose of their guidelines is to get sites fast, secure, and mobile friendly.  Although their tool is free and useful, we can get more help from another free tool.  Let’s look at what GT Metrix can do for you. Evaluate Your Page for Free The GT Metrix site offers a free page evaluation just like Google.  The tool is not a web crawler.  Thus, we recommend that you test every relevant page on your site.  The tests should include the home page, landing pages for ads, and call... Read more

speed your site to earn a seal of approval

Getting Your Site the Google Seal of Approval

Any website that wants to attract traffic (all of them, right?) has to work with Google.  Opinions vary about the company itself, but Google is too big to ignore.  The good news is that Google provides a “seal of approval” process for any website owner.  To be clear, the “seal of approval” is not a physical thing, but instead good grades with Google’s assessment.  The goals are based on what Google describes as an ideal internet site.  Additionally, I recommend them for any professional website. Seal of Approval Assessment Tool Google wants to help webmasters.  Thus, they have created a tool to assess a site and generate a list of changes that will improve its Google ranking and appeal to... Read more

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Handling Spam Comments in WordPress

WordPress is a great tool for getting content to the masses.  Sadly, the most significant proof might be how quickly spammers will start posting comments to your blog.  Spam can be a headache to manage.  However, WordPress has methods to address the problem.  They provide configuration settings and an easy to maintain list of comments for review. Review All Comments The first step in avoiding spam is to make sure comments are not posted to the site without review.  This is a good approach for non-spam comments as well.  Sometimes website readers get fired up about a topic and use inappropriate language or go no tirades that would reflect poorly on the site.  Save yourself some headaches by setting all comments... Read more

A pile of royalty free images

Great sites to find royalty free images

There comes a time when those of us that produce content on the web need to find some images.  Since we prefer to stay legal, we want royalty free images, and we want them quick and inexpensive.  There are some excellent sources for these sort of images so let’s look at how they stack up. Royalty Free Images in a Nutshell The free in royalty free images does not mean that these sites provide images without a cost.  There is going to be a charge of around a dollar per image.  However, the lack of worrying about royalties makes these sites a great source of visual content for your site, paper, or presentation. As you will see, most of these... Read more