Balance Your Time in a Busy World: Tools and Techniques

Work-life balance is a popular topic these days.  The world has gotten smaller.  That reduction has lead to jobs feeling like they require attention twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.  However, we still have personal lives and families that need our time as well.  Thus, we have to learn how to make use of the time we have. The concept of work-life balance often seems to be focused on reducing work.  We see that as a limiting view of the problem.  Instead of only focusing on time spent at work, we find it beneficial to look at everything you do as a whole.  Then we can find areas where our approach can combine tasks and shift effort... Read more

IT Overview Class – A tech overview for the non-technical

Our IT Overview Course is now Free! We are busy wrapping up our first course at  However, we feel it could be helped by an overview of IT class.  This is not a small topic to cover.  Instead of building something new, we have decided to make the white papers created for IT 4 Recruiters free. Our goal is helping our members navigate the world of IT to become better workers and entrepreneurs.  Cost can be a barrier to access.  Thus, we wanted to open up these classes to more students.  This bundle provides a great foundation in modern IT terminology and areas of focus.  This overview course provides nontechnical coverage of a wide range of technical topics.  These topics... Read more

Launch Your Business – Turn the Revenue Machine On

The groundwork has been laid.  Thus, it is time to launch our business.  A simple definition of a “launch” is the point in time where the virtual doors open to the public.  The online store and means of revenue creation are up and running.   The tools to bring in customers (ads, content, etc.) are in place and turned on. We have spent this whole course with your business as a steady consideration.  You came up with an idea, created marketing tools, and have a brand identified.  Thus, our pieces are in place.  It is time to look at them from a “live” perspective rather than only building them.   What are the problems we want to solve by taking this class?:... Read more

Career Advancement – Why and How

Career Advancement – A Necessity In talking about career advancement, it is important to note that it is a necessity, not an option.  The business world is changing quickly.  Thus, one has to either change with it or be left behind.  No career is safe.  The disruption caused in well-established industries like rentals (Uber, AirBNB), music (iTunes, Spotify), and even shopping (Amazon, Google, etc) are proof that no industry is safe. The career spent at a single employer is a thing of the past and that means you will interview for more jobs and at more points in your career than your parents and grandparents did.  That means more people that you will have to impress.  It also means you will... Read more