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Great sites to find royalty free images

There comes a time when those of us that produce content on the web need to find some images.  Since we prefer to stay legal, we want royalty free images, and we want them quick and inexpensive.  There are some excellent sources for these sort of images so let’s look at how they stack up. Royalty Free Images in a Nutshell The free in royalty free images does not mean that these sites provide images without a cost.  There is going to be a charge of around a dollar per image.  However, the lack of worrying about royalties makes these sites a great source of visual content for your site, paper, or presentation. As you will see, most of these... Read more

Social media strategy flowchart

Creating a Social Media Strategy

Social media is becoming a primary area of marketing for many businesses.  The various platforms are great ways to connect with users and build a brand.  However, just like any other marketing campaign, there should be a strategy and goals defined before embarking into the wild west of social media.   Define the “Why” of Your Strategy Of course, the first thing a strategy should have is a goal.  Social media is no different.  There are costs and risks involved in a social media strategy so it should include achievable and measurable goals.  These goals include increased sales, traffic to your site, or other.  The key is to make them realistic and quantifiable.  The goals will be used to build the... Read more

html code

Working With Images in HTML, CSS and Bootstrap

One of the first things anyone does with a newly created website is to add some images.  Working with images is important throughout the site creation process, but it seems like creating those few anchor images give us a framework to build on. These images may be used for a banner, a logo, or even a background.  Unfortunately, aligning the images can be a pain when you are getting started in the web development world.  Thus, there is no time like the present to look at the ways to integrate images into your site. In this article, we are going to look at banners, aligning text around images, backgrounds, and adding colors.  Then we will look at how CSS can... Read more

2017 Loading status bar

2017 Looking Ahead to Interesting Times

The year 2016 is nearly in the books.  It has been a year of continued advancement in mobile devices and seen more traffic on social networking sites.  Let’s look at what 2017 is most likely going to bring us.   Looking Ahead to More Mobile This is the easiest prediction ever.  We have seen mobile devices steadily creep into every facet of our lives.  The Internet of Things is not only likely to continue, it has become a juggernaut.  Companies are scrambling to figure out how to take advantage of IOT and build it into their new products. Devices that can “phone home” can provide a wealth of information on usage, send diagnostic data, and even order parts and supplies... Read more