How to Create Accounts in WordPress

If you want to build a successful WordPress site for blogging, then you will need to add contributors and subscribers.  Therefore, you must familiarize yourself with how to create accounts.  This tutorial is going to cover setting up a new Administrator account using the WordPress Dashboard. Getting Started Before we can start to create accounts, we need to log into the WordPress Dashboard.  On the left, in the WordPress dashboard, you will see a person icon that says, Users.  Go ahead and click on Users, to go to the User’s Dashboard.  The User’s Dashboard lists all the current users registered on your site.  This is the main Dashboard you will be using to create accounts. Users Dashboard On this screen,... Read more

Overview of the Introductory Course

Welcome to the Develpreneur Developer Introductory Course.  We have made this course a great place to start for any of our offerings.  The concepts and software we build here will be a basis for all other courses.  Also, we will be creating a business for each student.  This business often will be a consulting business where we can utilize our new skills.  However, we will look at ways to use the web to launch other business types as well. Even if you are familiar with all of these topics, it will help to walk through the classes.  Thus you can ensure you have the software and an environment similar to the ones we describe and use.  Our courses build on... Read more