As forms of passive income from investing go, the idea of micro venture capital investments is the best fit.  These options can lose all of your funding.  However, they can also lead to huge earnings.  Think about owning a small piece of Amazon, Google, or Facebook when they started out.  Those are outliers, of course, but the success they had will probably occur again.

Micro Venture Capital – Invest in The Ideas of Others

There are numerous similarities in venture capital investing and purchasing stock.  In general, both of these are ways to own a piece of a company.  The difference is that VC investing is often a larger portion of ownership.  However, the micro venture capital approach is ownership on a scale close to buying a stock share.  This option is also a perfect passive income stream.  There is no need to come up with an idea, spend time on growing a business, or materially participate in any way.  You just put your money on a company you like and see where it goes.

Not Kickstarter

The basis for Kickstarter is to stir up interest in customers and crowdsource an idea or product.  There is not an exchange of money for ownership.  The transaction is far closer to simply buying a product, not investing.  There are some great ideas on that site and the odds are that some will appeal to you.  However, all you can do is buy what they are selling.  A piece of the company is not going to be on the menu.

Check It Out

The essential part of micro venture capital investing is finding that company you want to own.  That means there is going to be research required to find that product or organization.  Then, you will need to find or haggle your way into purchasing a piece of that company.  There are many ways to learn more about this, but experience and specifics are the best teachers.  Take a look at some of the sites that offer this option and poke around.  You might find your Amazon.

Rob Broadhead

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