In the world of passive income, what can be better than parties and networking as part of your efforts?  I know that some of us do not find a lot of pleasure in these types of events.  However, for those that do, this becomes a perfect match of work with joy.  You can start small and grow to substantial income and activities.

Parties and Networking For Income

We have all attended events that fall into this category.  They may include a school dance, a professional conference, or a group vacation.  Of course, some of these require a large amount of effort and time to get them set up.  That would remove the passive part of this particular income source.  Nevertheless, they can be automated and turned into a template that can lead to entirely passive income.  You can even hire out the most onerous work.

Give Them a Why

The key to throwing these events is to provide a “why” that resonates with the group.  You are creating a community of sorts, so start with the ideas that bind those members together.  This is the concept that drives the mastermind groups that are so popular and all the groups you can find on

The challenge in creating these events is that the members could do the same thing themselves.  You want to find ways to make your events special (and desirable to attend) without having to put in too much effort.  This is one of those cases where a proper balance needs to be one of your goals.  That means fun-loving extroverts are far more likely to find success in these areas than a grumpy old introvert.  Nevertheless, even grumpy old introverts like to have a good time.  You need to be the one to provide that experience for your members.

Rob Broadhead

Rob is a founder of, and frequent contributor to, Develpreneur. This includes the Building Better Developers podcast. He is also a longtime student of technology as a developer, designer, and manager of software solutions. Rob is a founder and principle of RB Consulting and has managed to author a book about his family experiences. In his free time, he stays busy raising five children (although a few have grown into adults). When he has a chance to breathe, he is on the ice playing hockey to relax.

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