The last part of our interview episodes with Krishna Mohan dive into how he helps companies grow.  The primary concept is planning for growth.  However, we also need to ensure we give the changes time to be effective.  Krishna often sees this as an annual approach and that fits well with budgets, resources, and incorporates seasonal differences where they occur.

Planning For Growth

The first part of any plan is setting a goal.  We need to create a finish line that is our current situation plus the desired growth.  Once we have those in place, we need to set a course for those end goals that have reasonable milestones along the way.  It is unlikely you can double or triple your business in a year.  However, you can grow aggressively and load up your pipeline with resources and potential customers to make the needed steps over a longer term.  There is a reasonable limit to growth smart and effectively.  That limit constrains what we can do over a year, but we can stretch our timeframe beyond twelve months and achieve those objectives.

Avoid One And Done

There are the above limits on growth that we need to be aware of. But, likewise, we want to grow sustainably.  This situation is like a diet that works but then is immediately abandoned.   We instead want to take steps and grow in a way that builds momentum and habits.  Those will allow us to grow and continue to build on past success instead of struggling to maintain our new levels of success.

A Little Background

Krishna loves to share what he has learned along the way to becoming a successful Entrepreneur and Business Coach.  You might be able to convince him to share a copy of one of his books.

1. Elite Real Estate Professionals- Leaders in Real Estate Industry (#1 Best Seller on Amazon)

2. Insiders Secret to Build Business Credit and Financing

3. How I find $10K in any Business within 45 Minutes (Available for Free on my website: )

He also is offering a 3 Part business education series for free.

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