In this episode, we look at some free and low-cost task management applications.  Some of these do more and add on project management or even invoicing features.  However, they do all help you keep track of the work you (and your team) need to get done.

Many Excellent Options

If you spend a few minutes and peruse the massive list of potential tools in this area from G2Crowd (see link below), then you will see there are almost too many options.  When you need to find the best tool for you in this realm, then a search with additional keywords will help.  A field of options this numerous needs to be reduced to make any progress.  I recommend you improve your search by specifying whether you need free, time-tracking, team support, chat, or reminders.  There are other useful terms, but these are a good start.

Why This List?

There is a broad range of requirements in this field.  The tools available will match up better with specific combinations of these.  Since I have no idea what your requirements are, a valid question is how this list was created.  What do these task management applications have in common?

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A critical factor in creating this list was tools I have some experience with.  I have done a few evaluations of this family of solutions the last few years and spent more than a few minutes with each of these.  The requirements were different each time.  Therefore, this is a short list that should allow you to get to three or fewer options that are a good fit for whatever your requirements are.  You will be well served to do some additional research for your needs using these as a starting point for what is available and building your list of wants and needs.

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