You have several recruiter options when you are looking for a job. While similar, each has strengths and weaknesses. We start our discussion with Neha Naik with an introduction to the recruiting world from the recruiter’s perspective. Many of us see recruiters as a means to an end when we want to land that perfect job. However, that is just a piece of what they do and how they get the job done. Neha provides us an insight into the challenges recruiters face and how we can help them help us.

You Have Several Recruiter Options

The recruiter options available to you may seem hidden behind a curtain. We rarely consider what the focus is for the ones we work with. However, there is a difference between an agency, an in-house, and those focused on placing individuals. Nevertheless, there are also many similar traits across those roles that we talk about. This discussion guides you in your approach to your next job hunt.

About Neha

Neha Naik is the Founder and CEO of 3 successful businesses, including a successful recruitment agency, a sleep consultant company, and a data analytics company. She’s an official member of the Forbes Business Council, an invitation-only organization for successful small and mid-sized business owners.

Neha’s boutique recruitment company, RecruitGyan, specializes in helping hyper-growth tech startups build and keep a first-rate team. She implements strategic recruiting and retainment initiatives to reach an average 92% fill rate, increase a company’s hiring rate by 65% and reduce turnover from 54% to 21%.

Now with over a decade of experience working with Fortune 500 companies and startups in full-cycle recruiting, Neha shares her insights on tech recruiting and business trends on various platforms.

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