We have already touched on the scrum ceremonies.  However, the way we perform each ceremony goes a long way towards embracing the Scrum process.  Let’s take each item individually and examine how we can make the most of them.  These are investments in building a better sprint team.  They come from the Agile principles, and it is important we keep that in mind for each activity.

The Daily Standup

This task is the most popular of scrum ceremonies in my experience.  However, it is often misused.  A well-run standup should be so short it is not worth the time to sit down for the meeting.  A good goal is less than fifteen minutes.  That may seem brief for a meeting.  On the other hand, this is not a meeting as much as an organized method for touching base.  Think of it more as passing by a team member in the hallway rather than a discussion.

The goal is for members to state how they are doing and possibly asking for time to have a meeting or working session.  Obstacles should be noted and whether the sprint is behind or ahead of schedule.  Keep the gathering topics precise and concise.

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Challenge of The Week: How can you incorporate sprint ceremonies in your current project?

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