We frequently look for ways to become better.  One part of that approach is steady (daily) forward progress.  However, this approach can be exhausting and even lead to burnout.  Therefore, we need to be aware of our professional development pace and avoid allowing it to drag us down.

Daily Pacing

The Pomodoro technique is a well-known approach to setting a pace through our day.  This creates periods of focused work and then rest.  The specifics of the focus and rest periods vary from person to person.  Some people do better with longer periods of focus, while others need more regular breaks.  This timing of focus and rest shows in many educational situations, including conferences.  We typically limit educational presentations (focused learning) to an hour.

Taking Advantage of A Rest Period

Rob Broadhead

Rob is a founder of, and frequent contributor to, Develpreneur. This includes the Building Better Developers podcast. He is also a longtime student of technology as a developer, designer, and manager of software solutions. Rob is a founder and principle of RB Consulting and has managed to author a book about his family experiences. In his free time, he stays busy raising five children (although a few have grown into adults). When he has a chance to breathe, he is on the ice playing hockey to relax.

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