It is not hard to find a movie or show during the holidays that shows the weight of waiting until the last minute to get things done.  It often is shown in terms of delaying your gift purchases.  However, we can see other examples of how challenges impact when we are already spread thin.  We feel the pain of unexpected events much more when we have a full schedule than when we have some buffer built-in.

Working Well Under Pressure

These examples can be applied to all areas of our life.  Nevertheless, many of us work better under pressure.  Or at least we claim to do so.  There is a burst of energy we get when under pressure.  This chemical rush can help us get across a finish line.  On the other hand, it is easier to get derailed when you have little room for failure.  There is also a sense in many cases that people who claim to work better under pressure are similar to those that claim to drive better after a little alcohol.