Cellphones have become a constant in many of our lives.  They are the first thing we reach for in the morning and the last thing we put away at night.  This situation has led to plenty of complaints and worries about these devices.  However, there are upsides of cellphones we can focus on to keep that positive outlook.

Cheaper Long Distance

The ability to talk to people outside of your area code used to cost extra.  This feature could be costly.  The standard cell phone plans quickly dropped long-distance charges.  While many things have opened our ability to work remotely, that may be one of the most impactful ones.  Think about those zoom meetings if people had to pay long-distance charges in most cases.  Those daily stand-up meetings could become pretty costly throughout a few sprints.  Do not underestimate this oft-forgotten change.

payphone and figure that out.  Yes, I did add a link in case you have no idea what that is.

Tracking and Location

The power of a GPS in your phone is often berated as a big privacy concern.  However, one of the most popular upsides of cellphones is using that feature.  We use it to reach a destination or to find something useful nearby.  It is the feature that powers services like Uber and Lyft.  Our ability to untether from land phone lines is a game-changer.  Nevertheless, a GPS in our pocket is what brings so many positives home for us.

Episode Challenge: What are your three go-to apps on your phone when you are waiting in line?

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