We wrap up our discussion with Ian Campbell of Mission Suite with a look at touch points and automation. They are essential pieces of his approach to networking. We all want to be heard and feel that we bring value. A regular conversation does that better than occasionally making contact and only when something is needed. Automation is not the most personal thing we can do. However, it helps us do things on a schedule.

Improve Efficiency Through Touch Points And Automation

Networking takes time. We have to go back and forth to the event and spend time meeting and greeting. Likewise, there is the additional time required to log and cultivate those connections. That can add up. However, using simple touch points and automation to enforce those strengthens our connection with less time invested. That frees us up to invest more valuable time in a conversation. Therefore, we can get things done instead of worrying about the administrative side of networking.

A Little Background

Ian Campbell is an entrepreneur and business owner who works with small business owners and other entrepreneurs to help them build automated sales processes to more predictably build their businesses through networking and referrals. With over 20 years of sales, business, and entrepreneurship experience under his belt, he’s “been there and done that…or at least tried it a few times.” and has worked first hand with clients and business partners to REALLY grow their businesses with networking and referrals. Ian lives in Vermont with his wife and two-year-old son, and is also a performing and recording musician just about to release his first EP in the world of streaming. You can usually find him out exploring the woods, on a ski lift, or out on the water (depending on the season ;)).

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