User experience design (UX) is a hot topic these days.  Everyone is getting on board with the idea that UX is key to the success of products and sites.  Therefore, we should look for ways to help craft that experience throughout the SDLC.  Also, we can all contribute to this essential facet of software development.  User experience is not just for the graphic designers on our team.

User Experience Design is a Team Effort

We all know that there are people best suited to designing the application experience.  They understand things like compatible colors, which fonts work best, and much more.  However, all of us can work to make the best design possible.  We all have been users of some sort.  That means we can draw on personal experience as our guide.  Simple things like help text, button placement, informative messages, and other common UX controls are comfortable to us.  We have had good and bad experiences with other solutions.  Therefore, we can use that experience to guide us in making every detail of our product a pleasure to experience.

The Mentor-Mastermind Group

This series comes from our mentoring/mastermind classes.  These classes are virtual meetings that focus on how to improve our technical skills and build our businesses.  The goals of each member vary.  However, this diversity makes for great discussions and a ton of educational value every time we meet.  We hope you enjoy viewing this series as much as we enjoy creating it.  As always, this may not be all new to you, but we hope it helps you be a better developer.  Drop us a line to find out when the next one is so you can join our group.

Slide Deck: UX Design For Developers

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