The Develpreneur site focuses on building better developers.  It may seem obvious that the name comes from a mashup of developer and entrepreneur.  Thus, it is logical to ask how that mashup is related to building better developers.  Before we go very far, I think it is essential to address that question.

The Power Of Entrepreneurship

The label “entrepreneur” is almost a meaningless buzzword in the modern world.  It is thrown around a lot like a path to a life of ease.  The TV shows like “Shark Tank” highlight entrepreneurs of all sizes and bookshelves are full of stories of those that “made it.”  The success of silicon valley companies has fed this concept as well.  There are countless stories of college students that suddenly became million or billionaires.

I think the process and results are often a red herring in discovering the power of entrepreneurship.  The label or business definition of these people is not their strength.  Instead, it is the inner drive that leads them to entrepreneurial pursuits in the first place.

Better Personified

An entrepreneur looks at the world and sees ways to make it better.  This may be on a personal level through things like an iPod or at an enterprise level through overnight package delivery.  The solution may be a new product, service, or even process.  That is what entrepreneurs feed on.  Put simply; they feed off of improving things in small or large ways.  They genuinely see problems and struggles as opportunities.

This drive to make things better is critical to being a good developer in my experience.  Although this is not a trait that is just tied to successful software developers, it is a crucial piece of advancing in an industry that changes daily.  That drive to be better may even be a chicken and egg aspect of the better developers I have met.  It could be that their nature always to learn and improve is what led them to an IT career in the first place.