The second half of our discussion with Benjamin Friedman digs into how you plan for the future and scale through automated solutions. The key to this step is understanding and documenting your processes in a way that makes them easily repeatable. Then, e, grow and talk to Benjamin Friedman about exactly that. The discussion goes into what we need to know about our business to survive and excel. Accounting and finance might seem like dry subjects, but this interview highlights the importance of knowing where we sit regarding finance in particular.

Automating Solutions Is The Key To Growth

We cover a lot of ground in this episode. However, the time spent discussing processes and automation is essential to building and growing a company. Many businesses do not fully understand what they have and how they get business done. That lack of knowledge will always frustrate any efforts to scale. Know what you are doing well, and then you can determine how to do it better.

About Benjamin

Benjamin Friedman has over 20 years of facilitating scale and growth, often leading to exit events. Focused on metrics and results, Benjamin also looks to discover the more profound issues limiting growth.


He led operations and finance in five successful M&A transactions in the last ten years. 

He contributed to financing, mergers and acquisitions, explosive revenue, and employee growth in his last six roles. Benjamin practices a servant-leader philosophy emphasizing outcomes mutually benefiting the company and the employees.

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Check out the site and his latest book, “Scale: Reach Your Peak.”

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