We fill much of our free time with projects and side hustles that can be tasks for career growth. However, they require us to be intentional. We should have a career roadmap to guide us through the skills and experiences we see as important to us. The fun tasks will often be on our list of things to do. Nevertheless, there are tasks we need to see as stepping stones to success that should be in the back of our minds when choosing that next project.

The Best Tasks For Career Growth

In the world of marketing and excitement, people often throw around the “10X your blah” phrase. While advancement may not be that fast, there are activities we can pursue that contribute more to our career growth than others. The tasks gain us experience and credibility, knowledge, and do so in more than one area. The world of software development is full of these. It is rare for us to have a situation where we are learning a new technology and not also solving a problem. While the problem may be similar to one we have solved before, it is still new and adds to our experience. Our resume can grow by leaps and bounds when we are intentional in how we pursue tasks and projects.

The Big Picture

The challenge I have seen most often for software developers is looking at the big picture. Yes, you can easily identify a new technology or environment to add to your resume. On the other hand, it can be a struggle to look at the type of problem you are solving or the approach in a non-technical light. There is a lot to be gained by working with a new type of team, in a new role, or even coming in at a different point in the SDLC. These are all additions to a task that can help you grow quickly and advance on your career roadmap.

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