If you are building an online store or just need a place to record your inventory then chances are you will be in need of a Product Catalog. Now you could go out and buy any old cookie cutter Catalog tool on the market. However, before you do, you better make sure you understand what your Catalog requires. Otherwise, you may spend a lot of time and money on a tool that will not fit the bill. So, take a look at our video and check out what makes up a Product Catalog.

Understand what makes up a Product Catalog

This introductory lesson covers the basics of a Catalog and is geared toward the everyday user. Therefore, we try to keep the tech to a minimal and focus on the makeup and the concepts that go into building a Catalog. For instance, we will focus on a real world use case which walks you through the thought process of designing the foundation of a generic product catalog.

This series comes from our mentoring/mastermind classes.  These classes are virtual meetings that focus on how to improve our technical skills and build our businesses.  The goals of each member vary, but this diversity makes for great discussions and ton of educational value every time we meet.  We hope you enjoy this series as much as we enjoy creating it.

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