We start a new interview series talking to Tim Branyan of TrueFanz about his journey toward building a SAAS solution and growing it. The discussion touches on many topics and stays high-level more than a technical deep-dive. Tim is entertaining and shares many lessons learned from his successes and failures.

Building A SAAS Solution – This Is The Way

There is a lot of buzz around building a SAAS solution, and many reasons why. Tim touches on some key concepts, such as scaling up and keeping initial costs low. We also look at some of his steps to build his team. Likewise, there is a parallel between his story of building his user base and the resulting community.

About Tim

Tim is a tech industry leader and entrepreneur who has been at the forefront of successful projects since 2010. After starting his career in the United States Air Force, he pursued his passion for software development and launched his first project with just $6,241.56 and no formal education. Since then, he has launched hundreds of apps, developed hundreds of platforms, and supported other multi-million-dollar projects, scaling to millions of users and millions of dollars in revenue across his companies.

Tim is a wealth of knowledge on a wide range of topics, including how to bring an app or software to life from scratch, how to hire and scale a virtual sales team, how to create cost-effective client acquisition strategies, how to develop systems and funnels that sell, how to lead a diverse group of individuals, how to set up email automation campaigns, how to run ads that convert, how to empower affiliate campaigns, how to establish simple customer support systems, and how to monetize your influence and creativity.

In addition to his extensive expertise, Tim is also a gifted teacher who is dedicated to helping others achieve their own definition of success and prosperity. He recently started sharing his knowledge with others and helping them build toward their ideal of “freedom and wealth.”

Tim doesn’t have anything to sell… he believes it’s his responsibility to give away the information he’s acquired in hopes of helping others find their own unique definition of success and prosperity.


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Check out his latest project at
To connect with Tim directly, you can find him on:
Personal Website: TimBranyan.com
YouTube: @TimBranyan
Twitter: @TimBranyan

Rob Broadhead

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