We continue our interview with Donna Dube and focus on her power hour approach to simplify and improve productivity. This approach is an essential step for success for a CEO or anyone else who has a schedule that often blocks them from planning. There is a limit to how long we can go in a fire-fighting mode of reacting all the time. We need to be able to step back and do some planning. That is where she helps us make the most of our time.

Work Smarter To Simplify And Improve Productivity

For many of us the reactive mode we assume is self-inflicted. We take on too much and set everything we see as a top priority. That makes it impossible to delegate or even take a thoughtful approach to what we do next. At some point we must learn how to at least take a triage approach if not push things off our plate that are not critical. Fortunately, it rarely is that bad. We are not in a world on fire. Instead, we have a lot of wants and those block us from delegating and focusing on the needs. Donna guides us through separating out what we truly need to focus on.

About Donna

Donna is a certified Director of Operations, business growth strategist, and host of the CEO Amplify podcast.  She works with established online service-based business owners who are ready to make a bigger impact and maximize their profit. She is passionate about helping business owners work smarter, not harder. That helps them escape the hustle and grind culture and go from stressed out to confident CEO. 

With several years of experience in project planning and strategic growth planning with 6- & 7-figure businesses, she has seen the momentum that can happen in a business when the CEO leverages their time, talent, and tactics.

Amplify Yourself

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